An Opportunity To Partner With Us

Dear Friends, Family & Ministry Partners,

As most of you know we have voluntarily been a one car family for several years now and it has worked well for us. Many have loaned us their cars when they left for ministry trips or family vacations. However with the advent of homeschooling Co-Op and Chris’ increase of responsibilities at IHOP-KC Missions Base it is apparent that we now need a second vehicle. As Intercessory Missionaries we rely 100% upon the generosity of our family, friends, and Ministry Partners, and have made a personal vow to not go into consumer debt.   We have recently found an exceptional vehicle that will meet our needs for many years to come. However, we need an additional $2,800 dollars to secure the purchase. Because this car is such a great value time is of the essence. Would you consider giving a special gift towards this expense? Please let us hear from you today. – Thanks for your prayers and partnership!      Chris & Yvette Ferguson

Partner With Us!

We encourage you to pray about supporting us AS INTERCESSORY PRAYER MISSIONARIES. Note that all of your contributions are tax-deductible if you make checks payable to IHOP! The IRS prefers you don’t include our names anywhere on the check (for tax reasons), but be assured we will receive 100% of the funds you donate. Checks made out to us individually or Pay Pal are recieved as personal gifts and  are not tax-deductible.


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