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IHOP Teaching

You want IHOP-KC teachings? We got IHOP-KC Teaching Series by Mike Bickle, Allen Hood, and many other conference speakers and teachers. IHOP-KC’s copyright is the Right to Copy. This applies to all Forerunner Christian Fellowship, Encounter God Services, Conferences, and Summits unless otherwise noted. Forerunner School of Ministry, Forerunner Music Academy and all IHOP-U classes are not allowed to be copied or distributed through this site or via any other means. This site is not affiliated with IHOP-KC or Soulpants, however in the interest of sharing the message we want to make it available for you. Also upload your own IHOP-KC teachings.




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3 responses to “IHOPKC Teachings Free

  1. I can assure you, i have a lot of IHOP stuff (more than 40 GB). So be patient and you can get all the teachings you want. Surely in a few days you can also upload you’r own url too.


    Jan(owner ihopteachings.com)

  2. Nicholas

    that’s website was forbiddened for the COPYRIGHT.

  3. This website was allowed in the beginning but got into trouble with ihopu stuff. It was however a catalyst for a soon to be launched approved IHOP free teaching site.

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