Why We Raise Support & Why You Should Join Our Team of Ministry Partners

Why Raise Missionary Support?

Chris and YvetteIHOP-KC is a 24-hour 7-day a week prayer furnace that is committed to prayer and fasting for revival and the ushering in of our Lord, Jesus. In the midst of the 24/7 prayer furnace and missions base there are 504 full-time staff members devoting their life to prayer, fasting, preaching the gospel, and serving the poor. These staff members are missionaries to the city, the nation, and the globe through intercession, preaching, and serving. IHOP sends and receives people from every nation of the earth.

IHOP-KC is a non-profit ministry, but is not structured like a traditional church or “Para-Church” ministry. All of the missionaries on the base raise their own support. Families and singles alike commit to living “simplified lives”. This includes Mike and all of the Senior Leadership team as well. While not yet the norm, this is not unique to IHOP, the ministries founded by Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and Campus Crusades for Christ all have the same requirement for their staff. These two ministries have more than 35,000 full time staff in the field. Compare that to the largest salaried “Para-Church” ministry, “Focus On The Family”, which has only 1,300 staff members. One can clearly see how the great commission will actually be fulfilled—individuals will send individuals rather than individuals sending the 501c3 Religious Corporation.

The task we are remaining here for is a full-time job, and our only income is the support we receive from those who partner with us. Our friends and family all know that we believe in this mission so much that we sold our house and have put the proceeds of that sale into relocating and launching our family into this new adventure for this next season of our life and ministry.

Please prayerfully consider what part the Lord would have you play in supporting our ministry.

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  1. Tina Elliott

    are you the same yvette from everett wa. if so this Tina I have been trying to find you. I moved back to Everett. email me if this you.

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