Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE

Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE
A New 12-Week Training Program at IHOP-KC2009 INTENSIVE Dates:
February 16-May 8
May 18-August 7
August 17-November 6

“God is raising up end-time evangelists-those who understand the times wile living with eternity in view. Like John the Baptist and Anna, these evangelists will fast, pray and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus with authority. I believe the Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE, under the direction of Hal Linhardt, will produce many fiery evangelists who know God and do exploits in these last days.”
Mike Bickle
Founder and Director, IHOP-KC

“The Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE is an exciting new program of International House of Prayer University. As president of IHOPU, it is my firm conviction that our world needs a clear and compelling message of salvation before it is too late. This INTENSIVE will be used by God to train many young evangelists who will boldly warn the lost and lukewarm of the judgment to come and declare the unspeakable glories awaiting those who follow Jesus. Please consider the Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE if you think God has called you to the work of evangelism.”
Allen Hood
President, International House of Prayer University

“I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may win more.” 1 Corinthians 9:19, NASB

This challenging INTENSIVE is designed for young people, ages 18-26, who are willing to completely surrender twelve weeks of their life to God. We are confident that you will not regret it!

Each Day of the INTENSIVE consists of:

    • Worship, prayer and fiery intercession: IHOP-KC is an atmosphere of praise and worship like few places on earth
    • Teaching: Topics include the forerunner spirit in evangelism, the End-Times, intimacy with Christ, intercession and prophecy. Teachers include Mike Bickle, Allen Hood, Lou Engle, Hal Linhardt and other IHOP-KC teachers
    • Evangelism outreaches: Evangelism activities are planned five days a week during the first eleven weeks and there is a short-term outreach to another city in the United States during the twelfth week

Also Included in the INTENSIVE:

    • Mentoring from seasoned evangelists and teachers at IHOP-KC
    • Community housing in Herrnhut Apartments, next door to the IHOP-KC prayer room
    • Three nutritious meals served daily in the IHOP-KC dining room

The cost is $2,400. This includes housing and utilities, meals, tuition, outreach expenses, IHOP-KC conferences (when available) and required books. Students should plan on budgeting for incidental personal expenses.

“The Forerunner Evangelism INTENSIVE is designed to awaken God’s ministry call in your life. I invite you to join us.”
Hal Linhardt
Director, Forerunner Evangelism Department at IHOP-KC

For More Information or to Apply:

• Phone: 816.763.0200 X. 2504


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