God’s Plans

shaun-alexander-poster-c10291883In Their Own Words Shaun Alexander on God’s Plans  

I was floored by a speaker I heard recently. The guy told a story about people who had plans for their lives. Then suddenly God says, “I’ve got something for you to do.”   Mary had plans. She was getting married to Joseph. She was planning who they were going to invite to the wedding and what she was going to wear. And then good old Gabriel shows up. He tells her she’s going to get pregnant, and she’s going to name the baby Jesus. It was overwhelming to Mary. This is how God does it.   He says, “OK, Shaun, I know you’re from Florence, Kentucky, but you’re going to set up this mentoring program that’s going to change the world, and you’re going to be the MVP of the NFL.”   I’m like: “Right. We live in a basketball state, God-I think You’re one state over.”   But that’s how I felt from the time I was 10, 11 or 12. I didn’t know the timing of it, but I’m not surprised at where I am, because I felt these things were a calling way back then.   When we have plans for our life, God brings somebody into our lives to tell us the direction He wants us to go in. Sometimes we don’t understand it. Sometimes we do. But whether you understand it or not, God gives you the way. He shows you how it’s going to happen. Then you have to choose. 

From Serving: The Heart and Soul in Sports © 2008 by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Published by Regal Books. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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