For Those Who Need Support Raising Tools

We found this article from a great 2009 Is The Year of the Fully Funded Missionary! Read their stuff I haven’t read it all so there might be a few bones for you to spit out but this seems like a well planned site. If they are selling products or services I am not endorsing these just making you aware of them.

Communication Tools To Share Your Passion & Heart

As you consider communication tools beyond a newsletter, remember that the newsletter is central to your strategy. These other tools we will cover are supplementary to the newsletter. You don’t have to do all of them. Start with those you are already familiar with, but simply haven’t applied effectively or efficiently to your fundraising efforts.

The advantages to on-line communication are obvious – fast and cheap. You can communicate quickly with your supporters and do it on a very low budget. Even if you do not own a computer, the internet is available in most cities in the world – even if it is at an internet cafe. The fact that you found this site shows you are ready to utilize the phenomena of the internet to get your message to those who will be journey mates with you.

Many businesses are now realizing that, as powerful as the internet is, it is just a tool, and the “old” proven ways of customer relations must not be neglected. Likewise too many missionaries are neglecting tried and true methods of raising support offline. Having something tangible in your hands communicates more personally than an email, blog, or web site.

In addition to your newsletters, consider adding one or more of these to your fundraising activities.


Post Cards

Greeting Cards

Presentation Tools

Your Biography

Practice! As with any tool, practice brings improvement.

Thank You Gifts

Online Tools:Web Sites



Video Support Raising

Text Messaging Communication Tools

These are a few of the major ways in which to keep your life-line going and growing with your supporters. If you are like me, you will need to be organized about all this and not trust your memory. A good system of tracking your supporters and subscribers is a must. Personally we use the program Oprius.

Oprius Contact Management

If you are looking for where to find supporters, how to approach people, and the skills and verbiage required to do this, be sure to sign up for our FYi Newsletter to the left. We will assist you in this endeavor!

Another site for Support Raising Tools and Documents to check out is

More Support Raising Rescources


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