Urgent Prayer Reques

IHOP Family,

Daniel, Levi & Samuel Lim are back in Myanmar for a mission to the Chin State.  This afternoon, little Samuel became very ill and spiked a high fever.  Please take time – right now- to intercede for Samuel.   That the Lord would raise His mighty arm and defend Samuel against every sickness and oppression coming against him; that the angel of the Lord would encamp around the Lims with all protection and refuge from this attack from the enemy.

 We will keep you informed – pray fervently for Samuel’s healing. www.ilovemyanmar.com


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One response to “Urgent Prayer Reques

  1. Kiho Woo

    Hi, my name is Kiho Woo, and i recently attended Call 2 All conference in LA, i have also visited IHOP KC couple times. through this conference i am uncertain but i have “felt?” God calling me to Myanmar. I have no reference there but i remembered Allen Hood talking about his visit to Myanmar in the distant past prompting me to an internet search and leading me to the name of Levi Lim. I am currently a physician practicing in LA. If you can help me correspond with God’s people in Myanmar so i can search what the Lord wants me to do for Myanmar i would appreciate it.
    thanks. My email is kho_woo@yahoo.com

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