Also I Recently Deleted A Post

Normally, I will delete an occassional comment or two, I allow dissenting opinions and much individual expression…but at the end of the day its my blog and I reserve the editorial right. Some of what I post is original and some of it is “scrapped” from the World Wide Web. Yesterday I posted a blog that, I found on another (Christian) site that I usually trust without too much scrutiny. I posted a parody about G-d having a Facebook page, someone went to a lot of trouble and at first glance it looked funny.

One of my regular readers (God bless the three of you) left a comment pointing out a few things that I might have missed. I did…I missed some “texting” slang and was clueless on a few other points. On closer examination I realized this was obviously written by a non-believer. Many thanks to my good friend Ben, for bringing it to my attention. I deleted the post and hope that none were offended and offer my sincere apology to any who may have read it.

Now for the other two that read this blog…why didn’t you say anything? I love most commentors!



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2 responses to “Also I Recently Deleted A Post

  1. anita

    ok… i started reading, got shocked and clicked off. i have been finding quite a few of bizarre content on believers web sites lately and have become a tad discouraged with the justifications of same- so i was gun shy (read fear of man) and just left rather than finish reading and forgot about it until tonight when I clicked on your site and saw this post. Sorry for assuming that you knew what was on there and left it anyway.

  2. Anita,

    Thanks for commenting and for returning. I learned a lesson that I should have known…be more careful, because everything I post represents me and others.

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