$1,500 Dollars Will Build A Kitchen 1lb of Coffee Frees A Child

$1,500 dollars is all it will take to fund this Kitchen that Living Bread Church International wants to build for this poor family. Maybe you can’t fund it all how about $15, $50, or $150 any amount will help this project go forward. You are not giving the money to me or Mike but directly to Living Bread Church International.This is a project that will shine the Gospel in a dark region. Help those who are on the front lines actual accomplish all that God has put in their hearts to do. Remodel a kitchen for a poor family. Pay Pal Donate.

Also the coffee ministry we recently posted for is really saving kids from entrapment in Human Trafficking. The coffee is good and inexpensive $10 bucks a bag will rescue 1 child from the ravages of Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is really a “sanitized” word for the foulest behavior mankind is capable of…just google it. My own daughter who does not even drink coffee is buying a bag. Can we honestly stand by and do nothing? I fear the words Jesus might utter to me, if it was within my power to do good, to hold back evil and I did nothing. King David said, He would give nothing to the Lord, if it did not cost Him. I know the economy is hard, and there are lots of reasons to cutback…but giving to the poor and needy…now is the time to increase that, we the Body of Christ, the church around the world should be leading the way in crying out for Justice.

Mercy House Coffee
A cup of coffee can change a destiny!
MERCY HOUSE trains orphans to live fully for Jesus. It brings such dramatic healing to these children who were once sold into prostitution. Most recover, become missionaries or highly involved in their church. We train villages to grow coffee, live for Jesus and be missionaries.
One third of the world’s population is under 15. Mercy house and our villages nurture, equip, and train young people to be missionaries, ministers, and mentors. 
Change a Destiny is where it all begins for us in missions.  It is our world congress on how to fulfill the great commission.  We aim lower, think smaller, give up, and go have a cup of coffee!
This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who are exploited.

Mercy House gives healthcare, education,  and a safe home to children rescued from human trafficking and provides for the sustainable development of poor villages in Asia through coffee! One bag of coffee supports an orphan for a week!!!  Order your coffee today, by visiting the “Store” page!
A Cup of Coffee Can Change a Destiny!
Our tax ID # is registered under River of Life Church
42-0727487  exemption # is 2197

River of Life Community Church

213 West 4800 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

Our pastor’s name is Anton Black

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