You Can Partner With Living Bread Church

My Friend Mike, who many of you know recently moved to Israel to work with Living Bread Church recently shared this incredible giving opportunity with us, we knew you would want to partner too! Read below in Mike’s own words.macmoodhabsa

My neighbor this week introduced me to a family in the camp that is really struggling right now. Robert and I visit them in their home and was moved by their circumstances. The father just got out of prison the day before for trying to sneak into Israel to work. The youngest child was pinned to a wall by a car and the house they live is so very small. There is 6 of them living in what used to the size of my family room back in Manistee. The kitchen especially is really in need of some work.

I shared this with Karen and the Lord moved her to allow me to bless this family with NIS 200 worth of groceries which was a true blessing to this family. I also enrolled them into the Milk Program and gave them a bag of milk, clothing, and other supplies.

I also talked with Karen about helping them with getting the kitchen fixed and she has had me put together a estimate for doing this. I am really praying that this will happen as I see it truly blessing two families in the camp. The one family who will get a new kitchen and has already expressed his thanks to Jesus for the kindness shown for him and another family that I am very close withKitchen

I will use Mustafa as the general contractor on this job. The hardest thing for him has been the lose of his job in Israel. He was a civil engineer and has helped to build a lot of the roads in Israel. Since the last uprising he has gone from having to not having and it has been hard on him to provide for his family. I really believe that I can demonstrate the kindness and show the that God is a provider who has not forgotten about him.

Robert and he have had some really great discussions and I really feel that this is having an impact on him. It is good, I believe, to hear some of these things from more than just one person (me) and to see a consistency in the message the Jesus has for him and his family.

How can you partner? The best way to donate would be to go to and donate the money to
Living Bread (tax deduction and quickest). Just put in a note that you want the money to go to the Dheisheh kitchen fund.

PS. I am not sure someone donating online can at a text note or not. If not Please just send an email to Karen ( letting her know
that the donation was for the Dheisheh Kitchen repair.


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  1. mjwakema

    I want to thank everyone for helping with this project. If God puts it on your heart to help please let us know via email that you have made a contribution to the Dheisheh Kitchen fund. This really will mean a lot to so many people here in the camp.

    Mike Wakeman
    Missionary in Dheisheh Refugee Camp (in Bethlehem)

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