Jehovah Jireh Provides A Brand New Lap Top

I got a text message…”I’ll be at the coffee shop in 30 minutes-meet me there!” Well, I couldn’t make it right away. Little while later: “Are you gonna show?” I walk in and sitting next to my friend is a box. Looks like a laptop. “Chris, here is your new computer!” What? New computer! My favorite Jehovah showed up today…Jireh is His name.

I can hear the Angels singing…glory, glory to God in the highest! Jehovah Jireh showed up today. He saw my need and He provided. I have a beautiful new laptop! Thank you Jesus! When your laptop is stolen and you haven’t the cash reserves to go buy a new one, it makes for some fairly difficult days. But God who sees and provides moved on the heart of a friend. Actually, I think the phrase he used was “God hounded me and wouldn’t take the burden of your loss away!” Thank you Jesus and thanks to my friend for hearing and obeying.

People who don’t live this fasted lifestyle, as missionaries, might find it difficult to relate. When something like this happens you can’t run out and charge it. You can’t earn some overtime. You simply have to hit your knees and pray. It feels so weak and yet it is wisdom. I fall to my knees and pray. My kids were really discouraged by this loss of our laptop. We simply directed their hearts to the Father, who sees our needs and is faithful to supply. They were at IHOP when I recieved the new laptop…I found them outside the coffee shop. You would never believe the smiles on their faces!

The wisdom of God is foolishness to man…I’ll be a fool for you Jesus! Crazy in love with God above.

I say thank you to Jehovah Jireh the Lord who sees and provides. Many thanks to my friend who was the conduit of God’s blessing and provision. May the resources increase to him and his family.


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