Help Our Family Friend Tarah James Minister In Myanmar


I want to be bold in asking for your help in light of one of the most unprecedented opportunities for the gospel that has suddenly presented itself. The following story is bizarre but true. I ask you to read it in its entirety. I will try to be brief.

As you may know, Myanmar (also known as Burma, a country located in Southeast Asia) was ravaged by a cyclone on May 3rd leaving 134,000 dead or missing. In it’s wake, Levi Lim (a woman who is a part of the International House of Prayer and a native of Myanmar) and her husband Daniel felt compelled to return to the country to give aid and share the gospel. Levi established a ministry called I Love Myanmar ( or read here

clip_image003They took with them their two children, Samuel and Emma. Upon arriving Levi immediately began bringing orphaned children into her apartment and attempting to help in any way she could. She got the attention of the government who at first was hassling her and her efforts. But she began to gain favor when they witnessed the authenticity of this family who came at their own risk, with nothing to gain for themselves. Of special interest to the Burmese government was the Lim’s baby girl Emma who had health complications and was in need of constant care. They wanted to see this woman who had come with her needy child because of her love for Myanmar.

Emma helped pave the way for Levi to meet with the Prime Minister (Junta) of the country. Also, at this point Levi had gained enough funds to rebuild 1,000 homes. While she and Daniel were on the ground a world away, we here at IHOP-KC were praying. The Lord laid it on the hearts of our leadership to sow into the relief-effort\gospel-witness being spearheaded by the Lim family. The IHOP community raised $800,000 which was taken to Myanmar two months ago to help build homes and provide food. Levi has been given unparalleled favor and access by the Prime minister, including the overseeing of the distribution of funds, rebuilding of villages, etc. When she told him that she needed a cell phone that could reach anywhere in the country he immediately demanded that one of his generals give her his phone! She also has a UN helicopter at her disposal. Throughout this journey Levi has made it clear that she is a Christian and that what she is doing is because of her love for Jesus. The government’s response to the Lims was to state that as they rebuild the country they wanted not only to erect houses but churches as well! clip_image005Keep in mind that Myanmar is 89% Buddhist and has been notoriously closed to the gospel.

At this point the story takes a critical turn. At the government’s request Daniel and Levi were giving aid in northern Myanmar (a more secluded, tribal region, difficult to access because of the terrain and primitive conditions) when baby Emma (who was in the care of her grandmother) took a turn for the worse. Despite immediate attention by the country’s top physicians and access to the best hospital, Emma passed away before Daniel and Levi could complete the difficult journey from the north-country. While grieving the unexpected loss of their little girl, the Lims felt strongly that she should be buried in the country. The people of Myanmar rallied around this family who had sacrificed their beloved daughter in efforts to extend a helping hand to a nation in crisis. A garden was built around her burial sight and named, in her honor, “Emmanuel Garden” (which is Emma’s full name)! A village has also been named Emmanuel Village. In fact, the government has issued a decree that in each village, there will be a road named after Emmanuel Lim. Thus, the name of the Lord, “Immanuel” (God With Us) is being planted into the heart of one of the most closed nations on the earth!

But this is not the end of the story. Daniel, Levi, and their son Samuel having just recently returned from this heart-wrenching and redemptive trip, have received a request from the government of Myanmar that a delegation of people be sent to preach the gospel in Myanmar! They are inviting us to travel to the northern mountain area of Myanmar, an area not previously open to outsiders. The government wants to be our escort and protection as we hold open-air meetings and preach Jesus, who is Immanuel, God with us. We will also be able to join the forces of “I Love Myanmar” and help with the ongoing relief effort in the delta area. I have been asked to participate in this venture along with 20 others from the International House of Prayer.

While this side of Myanmar’s story may never make the headlines of mainline media the Lord is writing His own headline. Isn’t it just like Him to shake a nation in order that they may come to the Desire of all Nations and to take the weak things of the world to shame the wise. Surely Jesus is determined to be Salvation to the ends of the earth. It is my sincere desire that Jesus would be adored by all the nations of the earth. I am an intercessory missionary giving myself in the midst of my weakness to prayer, study of the word, discipling, serving, etc. in order that I might be an authentic, and powerful witness to the Lord Jesus. There is a great crack in the door of the nation of Myanmar, pray with me that the Lord would fling it wide open. I believe it is His intention to do so.

So now it comes down to the practical aspect of this endeavor. I will be blunt. In order to go I must be sent. I need $2,000 within the next TWO WEEKS and an additional $1,000 within the month. I ask you (humbly and boldly, without any apologies) to consider contributing to the kingdom in this way. This is not about me. This is about the testimony of Jesus. My prayer is that Jesus would receive the attention of men and women because of my life. Please join me in bringing the gospel to the Burmese people. We are also raising money to give to the poor and hungry in Myanmar. Our team is hoping to raise several thousand dollars over what is needed for our trip to bless the people of Myanmar. Please pray that the money will come in and that everything will go smoothly as I am helping with the preparations/administration leading up to our departure for Myanmar. We are in the process of getting visas, booking flights and hotels and gathering the supplies needed for the trip.

Bless you!

Details Overview

*Myanmar’s population is 55,390,000.

*Myanmar is 89% Buddhist, 4% Muslim, 4% Christian and the government has invited us to preach the gospel.

*The cyclone left 130,000 dead or missing & 2 mil. homeless.

*Twenty IHOPers going to Myanmar for two weeks in December because of an invitation by the government of Myanmar.

*I need a total of $3000 to go on this trip.



(Note: My address just changed)

Tarah James

11808 Oakley Ave

Kansas City, MO 64137

(816) 769-3001

Please email or call me to ask questions or receive more information.To receive a tax deduction: Make checks payable to IHOP-KC(leave the memo blank)

If a tax deduction is not needed, please make checks out to Tarah James.


Tarah James

Please email me to ask questions or receive more information

To receive a tax deduction

Make checks payable to IHOP-KC

(leave the memo blank) You can mail or drop off the check to IHOP-KC:3535 E. Red Bridge Rd. Kansas City, MO 64137. Please attach a sticky note with my name on your donation and I will receive 100% of your donation.If you choose to send it directly to IHOP please email me so I can keep an accurate account of how much I still need.

If a tax deduction is not needed, please make checks out to Tarah James.


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