John Burton’s In Thailand-Pray For Him

Thailand update : Elephants and tigers : Revelation Driven Prayer

capture-00003-10-27-2008 What a trip I’m having!!  I went on an elephant ride into the jungle and hung out with tigers yesterday!  This is where Sylvester Stallone filmed Rambo 4.  As we were eating, there was a real live tiger walking around the room.  I don’t know how safe that is with a bunch of delicious meat on the table.

Check out the photo of the shrimp burger from McDonalds… I passed on it.capture-00003-10-27-2008

The conference today was absolutely amazing.  Lots of powerful prayer, worship and cultural demonstrations.  Peter Xu, Brother Yun’s mentor (from The Heavenly Man), is here… quite a powerful man.  There was some serious repentance over the sex industry issue here.  Wow… just amazing. 

The people I’m meeting from the 10/40 window… people exactly like you and me… are heroes.  The terrible loss some of them have experienced is heartbreaking.  One young lady from Orissa, India started weeping at the dinner table as she shared a bit of her story.  If you don’t know what’s been happening in Orissa, do a search.  It’s horrific.  

I’m  absolutely wiped out, but hoping the jet lag detox process is about over.  I’ll probacapture-00001-10-27-2008bly be totally over it just in time to fly back in time 12 hours on Saturday.

Sorry there’s not more info… there is actually a TON of info, but I just have to go up to my room, fall on the bed and get some Zzzzzzzzzz’s.

Keep praying.  I will be training on Revelation Driven Prayer tomorrow at 4pm, which will be at 4am Tuesday morning in the USA (Central time).

Blessings to you all!





capture-00005-10-27-2008capture-00008-10-27-2008 capture-00007-10-27-2008 capture-00006-10-27-2008 capture-00009-10-27-2008 capture-00010-10-27-2008


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