Pray For The Church of India

Convert or Die

QUOTE: “My neighbours said, ‘If you go on being Christians, we will burn your houses and your children in front of you, so make up your minds quickly. I was scared. Christians have no place in this area now. … I’m totally broken. I have always been a Christian. Inside I am still praying for Jesus to give me peace and to take me out of this situation.” —Jaspina Naik, a 32-year-old believer in the Indian village of Sarangagada, who was forced to convert to Hindu in the midst of the anti-Christian violence that has officially claimed at least 60 lives and left more than 50,000 homeless. In another Orissa town, pastor Ashish Digal was one of the majority of believers who have since converted because of threats by mobs representing the militant nationalist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). For many, the conversion ceremonies include a “purification” ritual of eating a mixture of cow dung and urine. ‘They said, ‘If you don’t become Hindu, we’ll burn your houses too and start killing you,’ said Digal, who was also instructed to burn any Bibles he possessed. “I’ve been forced to convert. Everyone is being converted. They beat us in the fields. I went to the temple. We had to say that we belonged to the Hindu state of Orissa, and that from this day we are Hindus.” [, 10/19/08]


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