High Fidelity Earplugs

Sound Department

High Fidelity Earplugs

The goal of the ETY•Plugs™ design: to reduce noise but preserve sound quality; in effect, to turn down the noise but not muffle voices, environmental sounds or music.  

“.. transformed my prayer room experience”

” I like the baby blues..”

” .. restful..”

  • Replicates the ear’s natural response
  • Sound quality is preserved
  • Speech is clear, not muffled
  • Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies 
  • Regular Price: $12.50 USD + $6 shipping.
  • This Purchase $7 USD each includes shipping. 
   Yes, I want some!
   Sign me up for $7 USD a set.

Order Target Date: Sept 29th 

Quantity Translucent Beige


Quantity Translucent Blue 


Quantity Beige 


Quantity Translucent Purple

Case included with every set: 

Quantity Translucent Red


Quantity Clear

NEW BabyBlues for small ear canals    >>>>>>>

Quantity BabyBlues



er20-pcordRemovable cords available for $1.95




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2 responses to “High Fidelity Earplugs

  1. demo318

    This comment isn’t really about those in-ears, but it is about IHOP-KC. I’m writing an article for my high-school newspaper about the prayer room and all of Mike Bickle’s initiatives their and the ministry’s success. I’m looking for a free freelance photographer who could snag some pictures of the prayer room for me. I’m not allowed to use any on the IHOP website, but, with your permission, I can use some taken by an individual.

    Please contact me if you think you could help me out, thank you.
    email: devin.mork@gmail.com

  2. aaron James is your man see the blog roll for a link.

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