What Do You Think?

The article below is scraped from a blog I was reading. The Author raised good questions. Since I have a lot of missionaries who follow this blog I wanted to hear from you…what do you think? 

How does the fasted lifestyle play into a missionary life in your mind? For the sake of agreement we will all agree that poverty does not glorify God.

Since I know many who support missionaries read this blog we’d like to hear from you…what moves you to give?

Raising Support

About the Author

Ben spends most of his time working with underprivileged kids in Tijuana, Mexico, encouraging them to continue their education. He’s an unofficial member of Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb, which runs the elementary school, Centro Pedagógico Didaque.

A couple of missionary blogs I’ve been following over the last year are coming to an end-or at least seem to be. Here’s the scoop:

Missionary Family #1: Appears to have been very well funded. On the mission field, they write about great trips and getaways with frequency. Recently they have permanently returned home for a variety of personal and spiritual reasons. They specifically asked their supporters to continue giving to the very end, as full support would be needed. They took a trip for several weeks on the way home that most Americans will never do or be able to afford. Now in the U.S. for just a month, they’ve purchased a home, picked up full-time, professional employment, and have just received their container of goods from their home overseas-must have been nice stuff to justify the shipping.

Missionary Family #2: Started the fund raising process five years ago. To date they are only at 60 percent. They’ve used up most of their savings and have cut back on expenditures. Due to the frustrations of a half-decade of emotionally trying support raising and the reality of still needing such a large percentage, these missionaries are considering returning to secular vocations. From everything written in their blog, they appear extremely genuine in their desire to continue serving in ministry full-time; yet the money has not come in.

Support raising is a touchy subject, and I try to avoid the conversation. The polar opposites are as follows: 1) Go after supporters with business-marketing techniques, or 2) Trust only in prayer that God will faithfully provide. Biblical arguments can be made for both. But regardless, every long-term mission trip requires funding (whether it’s from self or received from others). At least in the United States, money moves missions. If you’re at full support, you go; if you’re not, you continue the fund raising process.

There are natural salesmen and women, making it only obvious that their support will quickly roll in. But what about those who don’t emotionally stir the congregation? Those who don’t speak well up front or are not well connected in the pews down below? Are they doomed to stay at home? Many will say, “Well, maybe it wasn’t the Lord’s will,” or “Clearly they weren’t called.” But what happens if they just pack up and go without a sending agency or full-support? The same critics will cry, “That’s clearly going it alone,” or “That is not how missions is done.”

What should Missionary Family #2 do? I do not know. But maybe one idea is to send a support letter to Missionary Family #1.



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2 responses to “What Do You Think?

  1. Julia Palermo

    maybe a worthy sacrafice for missionary family #1 would have been to forgo the exotic trip and given the overflow of support to missionary family #2. that to me is the fasted lifestyle. while certainly “wants” are a legitimate part of our life, we should be sure not only to surrender our “wants” to the Lord time and again but why not just sacrafice our “wants” to help another. in the end, do we really need most of the things we want? not really and if we really believe the end-time theology we preach, we would see that our wants don’t add up to anything except more that we will lose in the end-times. a short cut to suffering loss later, live simply now and have the joy of giving to others.

  2. trevorstroud

    i personally think (this is my fantasy daydreaming, But not reality) I wish people were more moved by God, and less by personality. I think when we cheapen the gospel to a who’s who game, it is wrong, and God will bring it into account. I am presently trying to raise support, and I feel if I were (insert a big name here) I would already have enough money to pay for this year and a vacation. As it is since I don’t have cd’s, or an itinerary. People are less likely to support. So finally I say Be moved by the Holy Spirit, and less by popularity in the Body of Christ, or big names. (Who would have supported Jeremiah? No converts, prophecied against public opinion) Everyone would have supported Jonah, (nationwide revival, his heart was wrong the entire time

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