Ahmadinajab’s Sermon to the UN

I encourage you all to watch Ahmadinajab’s speech to the UN.  It sounded like a sermon.  
He prayed for the Mahdi (Islam’s messiah) to return.  He spoke of how we were created for God and are eternal, transcendent beings that were created from the dust.  He said that god is light and a monotheistic god desiring righteousness, justice and peace.  He spoke of the “bullying oppressors” in the Earth that say they are righteous but are truly materialistic power seekers wanting oil and domination.  He said the “Zionist” are not religious but are murderers, killing the women and children of Palestine (he said on Larry King’s show that the Zionist are not even Jews because they do not act religious).  He clearly states in this speech the reasons why he wants to destroy Israel, “the Zionists”, and replace it with Palestine.  
His speech will give you much insight into his beliefs and the deception that will and is already sweeping the world.  
It is said among some reporters here that he believes in the next 2 or 3 years the Mahdi will appear.  
After hearing this speech the scenario that Zechariah prophesied of all nations surrounding Jerusalem seems to be just around the corner……which also means, Yeshua is coming soon.
to hear his speech go to http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html I don’t think it will be on there much longer, so if you want to hear it, hear it quickly.
Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem


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