Emmanuel Loves Myanmar

IMG_2522_ezg_2 Emmanuel Chia Ai Lim

(13 Oct 2007- 17 Sept 2008)

Love Never Fails

I Cor. 13:8

On Sep 16, 2008, she developed a fever and was rushed to a private specialist hospital in Yangon. The Australian and UK trained Pediatric Consultant, recommended baby Emma to be immediately admitted to Yangon Children Hospital ICU for 24 hours monitoring as Emma has been diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Comprehensive treatments were given to Emma in that ICU but she didn’t respond to the treatment positively.

In less than 24 hours, Emmanuel Lim (baby Emma) finished her race in Myanmar and went home to be with Jesus.

Many in different nations grieve over the lost of baby Emma’s presence with them but her legacy in the grace of God will continue to shine brightly.

During her short and meaningful life, her inspirational story has also inspired the founding of Emmanuel Charity Fund Ltd. in Hong Kong and Emmanuel Foundation Inc. in U.S.A.

Emmanuel traveled to many nations with her parents and her brother Samuel Lim from June 24, 2008 until September 17, 2008.

During those days, she brought joy to people wherever she went. She grew stronger and stronger every moment as she has been nourished by love and care that she needs day by day. The traveled did not tired her instead, stimulated her senses and muscle movement. Since 3 weeks ago, she turned over by her own and could sit up straight with a back support and holding her head up. She has also gained much weight and length and head circumference.

She has called out “papa”, “bebe” “tata” and made some melody. Her smile had been the most captivating. She lived her happiest moment while she was in Myanmar surrounded by family and grandparents from both parents.

She was scheduled to travel back to USA with her parent on Sep 24, 2008. It was a much anticipated trip by the family as well as many friends in Kansas City waiting to see her moving, smiling and stronger in so many ways that they had never seen since she traveled.

On September 17, 2008, Emmanuel Chia Ai Lim (baby Emma) finished her race in the grace of God and was received into Jesus’ presence. She happily lived her final weeks giving hope, joy and love to many who are needy and sufferings in Myanmar through the charities she inspired to form. Picture_011_jpg1_jpg2

Although, we will always miss baby Emma, her legacy will be with us and many lives will continue to bless through her inspiration stories. We wish to thank Jesus for the gift of baby Emma to us and thank everyone who has care, love and supported baby Emma. During her 340 days on the earth with us, she has been a burning and a shining lamp of the love and the goodness of God.

Please lift Daniel, Levi, and Samuel up in your prayers. May the light of baby Emma turn into a burning Lighthouse for the Gospel in Myanmar. May Jesus be glorified through her life may her legacy bring many to Christ.



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2 responses to “Emmanuel Loves Myanmar

  1. kumar raja

    Daniel, Levi,
    Sorry to hear of your loss.Take care of each other and Samuel .
    lost for words, i know you will find courage and strength in god as you always have

    God bless .

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