Shock and Awe: The RNC Stealth Bomber

The media is in Shock having never imagined a force like Palin coming out of Alaska onto the national scene. She is like a David out in the fields and overlooked by the media, powerbrokers, and pundits. The prophet wasn’t content to look at all of the handsome, winsome, older sons, but waited till one After Gods’ own heart was found. We are in a Saul versus David moment…Saul was the handsome king, like all of the other nations surrounding Israel had…the people longed for esteem in the eyes of the Nations rather than esteem in the eyes of the Lord. How many want B.O. because he will make America look good to the nations?

Governor Palin, has the power, intergrity, and conviction to unite the Republican party, bring in the disenfranchised base, and bring change. The media was in Awe, because just like that unknown shepherd boy, she has come out of nowhere to slay the giants that taunt, mock, and want to bring destruction upon our nation. God has raised up a David.

David also served a king before walking into the fullness of his Kingly annointing and calling. Vice President Palin may serve a President and take her rightful place on the throne.

America needs Palin! Drill Here! Drill Now! Find, Create, and Fund alternatives!

My favorite line…the only difference between a Pitbull and a Hockey Mom-Lipstick!


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