Why does it cost $500 dollars for an abortion and $25,000 for an Adoption? Why? It should be an outrage if the abortionist wanted to make abortion rare…wouldn’t it make sense to make adoption affordable? Should only the wealthy have the option of adopting? Why? The wealthiest of Americans tend to have smaller families. Where is the outrage…more loving families would adopt if they had an extra $25,000 laying around.

Change begins with a question…Why?


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  1. Kim

    I think you will find that mothers who relinquish generally never had any intention of having abortions. The two issues are in many ways not related.

    Doesn’t it bother you that loving mothers are not being helped to keep their babies? That is the outrage, who is going to support those loving families, the families that are turning to adoption out of desperation?

    Do you think adoption occurs because the mothers don’t want the babies?

    The outrage is that loving mothers would keep their babies if they had a spare $25,000 lying around.

    Stop and think lady.

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