Meet Cindy

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal on Cindy McCain, John’s wife.  All I ever saw was this attractive woman standing beside John.  I was surprised how talented and involved with world problems
she is.  This is a summary of the article.
She graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs teacher.      
After her Dad died she became involved with his beer distributing firm and Iis now the chairwoman.  Sales have doubled since she has taken over
from her father.
They have a marriage prenuptial agreement, her assets remain separate.        
She is involved around the world clearing land mines – travels to these
countries on a detonation team and service on their board.

They have a 19 year old serving in Iraq , another son in the Naval Academy ,
a daughter recently graduated from Columbia Univ. , an adopted daughter in
high school, and a son who is the finance guy at the beer firm.

Raised kids in Phoenix , Az rather than Washington DC . (better
atmosphere)  He commuted.


      In 1991, Mrs. McCain came across a girl in an orphanage in Bangladesh . Mother Teresa implored Mrs. McCain to take the baby with severe cleft palate. She did so without first telling her husband. The couple adopted the girl who has had a dozen operations to repair her cleft palate
and other medical problems.

They have a Family Foundation for children’s causes.

         She’s active with ‘Halo Trust’ – to clear land mines, provide water and food in war ravaged and developing countries.

She will join an overseas mission of ‘Operation Smile’, a charity for corrective surgery on children’s faces.

She has had two back surgeries and became addicted to pain killers.  She talks openly about it which she says is part of the recovery process.
I’m surprised the media is so quiet about her attributes. She sounds more capable than Hillary or Obama.  We would really get two for the price of one.  A person with business and international experience.  
John did work for the firm for awhile when he lef t the Navy.  She, however, has the real business experience.  Very interesting.

John McCain’s Sons
Talk about putting your most valuable where your mouth is! Apparently this was not ‘newsworthy’ enough for the media to comment about. Can either of the other presidential candidates truthfully come close to this?  Just a question for each of us to seek an answer, and not a statement.
You see character is what’s shown when the public is not looking. There were no cameras or press invited to what you are about to read about, and the story comes from one person in & lt; st1:State w:st=”on”> New Hampshire .
One evening last July, Senator John McCain of Arizona arrived at the New Hampshire home of Erin Flanagan for sandwiches, chocolate-chip cookies and a heartfelt talk about Iraq . They had met at a presidential debate, when she asked the candidates what they would do to bring home American soldiers, soldiers like her brother, who had been killed in action a few months earlier.
Mr. McCain did not bring cameras or press. Instead, he brought his youngest son, James McCain, 19, then a private first class in the Marine C orps about to leave for Iraq .  Father and son sat down to hear more about Ms. Flanagan’s brother Michael Cleary,  a 24-year-old Army First Lieutenant killed by an ambush a roadside bomb.
No one mentioned the obvious: In just days, Jimmy McCain could face similar perils. ‘I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them as they were coming to meet with a family that Ms. Flanagan recalled, choking up. ‘We lost a dear one,’ she finished.
Mr.  McCain, now the Republican nominee, has staked his candidacy on the promise that American troops can bring stability to Iraq . What he a almost never says is that one of them is his own son, who spent seven months patrolling Anbar Province and learned of his father’s New Hampshire victory in January while he was digging a stuck military vehicle out of the mud.
Two of Jimmy’s three older brothers went into the military. Doug McCain, 48, was a Navy pilot. Jack McCain, 21, is to graduate from the Naval Academy next year, raising the chances that his father, if elected, could become the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower with a son at war.


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