Become Desperate

Today’s message is from Francis Frangipane.

For many, Christianity is simply the religion into which they were born. For others, although Jesus is truly their Savior, their relationship with Him is hardly more than a history lesson, a study of what He did in the past.

For those who attain His presence, however, Christ is Savior and more: He is their very life (Col. 3:4). When Jesus is your life, you cannot go on without Him.

There is a story of a man in search of God who came to study at the feet of an old teacher. The sage brought this young man to a lake and led him out into shoulder-deep water. Putting his hands upon his pupil’s head, he promptly pushed him under the water and held him there until the disciple, feeling he would surely drown, frantically repelled the old man’s resistance.

In shock and confusion the young man resurfaced. “What is the meaning of this?” he demanded. His teacher looked him in the eyes and said, “When you desire God as you desired air, you shall find Him.”

This was the attitude of the psalmist when he wrote, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for Thee, O God” (Ps. 42:1, NAS). The question here is not only of desire but of survival. I need Him as a drowning man needs air and as a parched deer needs water. How can I exist without abiding in the living Christ?

Lord, cause me to pant for You as the deer pants for water. May my thirst for You become insatiable.


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  1. hopesome

    religion is about what. festivels tradition piety pomp pride sanctimony. Jesus is about what. LOVE SO RELIGION AND LOVE THEN ARE TWO DIFFERNT THINGS. Thank goodness

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