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bill 2 Dear Friends, Family, and Co-Laborer in Christ,

We trust that God is enlarging and expanding your territory for His kingdom. God is on the move in our lives! We are currently serve INTRO TO IHOP-KC as Pastoral Care team.  While this is a staff position we are not “paid a traditional salary” all IHOP-KC staff are supported primarily through the generous gifts of their partners, friend, family, and complete strangers.

We are sure you would agree that the Lord has been preparing us for this new season of training and ministry. Being an associate Pastor for five years was rewarding and leaving many of our close personal friendships and family in Seattle was very difficult. One of our friends in Seattle said it best, “Letting go of your family hurts, but the Lord showed me that He will use you to help so many more people, just like you helped me…by going to Kansas City! That makes it worthwhile.”

Why would we do this? In a word: Immersion! What is the best way to acquire a foreign language? CD’s that promise to have you speaking like a diplomat before your overseas flight lands? Maybe, you should try years of language class? Self study watching TV and reading books? Good but not the best. Linguists will tell you the best way to learn a second language is Total Immersion in the culture. Want to speak French with the fluency of a native, than move to France and in six months you will be conversing with the locals more fluently that two years of French class back in the states. That is really the story of why, we are here.

We want to become fluent in this lifestyle of intimate prayer and fasting.

IHOP-KC is a 24-hour 7-day a week prayer furnace that is committed to prayer and fasting for revival and the ushering in of our Lord, Jesus. In the midst of the 24/7 prayer furnace and missions base there are nearly 500 full-time staff members devoting their life to prayer, fasting, preaching the gospel, and serving the poor. These staff members are missionaries to the city, the nation, and the globe through intercession, preaching, and serving. IHOP sends and receives people from every nation of the earth.

IHOP-KC is a non-profit ministry, but is not structured like a traditional church or “Para-bill Church” ministry. All of the missionaries on the base raise their own support. Families and singles alike commit to living “simplified lives”. This includes Mike and all of the Senior Leadership team as well. While not yet the norm, this is not unique to IHOP, the ministries founded by Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and Campus Crusades for Christ all have the same requirement for their staff. These two ministries have more than 35,000 full time staff in the field. Compare that to the largest salaried “Para-Church” ministry, “Focus On The Family”, which has only 1,300 staff members.

One can clearly see how the great commission will actually be fulfilled—individuals will send individuals rather than individuals sending the 501c3 Religious Corporation.

The task we are remaining here for is a full-time job, and our only income is the support we receive from those who partner with us. Our friends and family all know that we believe in this mission so much that we sold our house and have put the proceeds of that sale into relocating and launching our family into this new adventure for this next season of our life and ministry.

We humbly request your participation in what God is calling us to do. Not everyone is called to do what we are doing. Some are “Senders” others are “Sent”. Many of you have been called by the Lord to work in the “Marketplace” or your own home, and we would like to partner with you in praying for your calling. God’s desire is that we rally around each other and together fulfill the Great Commission. No matter what part we play together we can cause a greater impact upon the Nations.

We believe so strongly in the power of prayer that we are eager to invest our lives into it.

However, we need your involvement to make that happen. We invite you to pray and ask the Lord if joining us in the work of intercessory missions is something He is calling you to do.

Our Commitment to our Partners:

  1. To pray for you, your family, and other special requests.
  2. To send you personal and ministry updates.
  3. An open invitation to visit, the House of Prayer, for spiritual refreshing.
  4. To live a simple “fasted” lifestyle based upon God ordained principles.

Those who choose to partner with us as an intercessory missionaries do so in two ways:

  1. Prayer support
  2. Financial support

We are not looking for our supporters to give money out of obligation or guilt, but for ones who will commit to an affordable, stress-free, realistic amount of money they can maintain month after month. It is our hearts desire that it not become a burden for you to give, but a joy just as the Lord intended it.

We encourage you to pray about supporting us. Note that all of your contributions are tax-deductible if you make checks payable to IHOP! Checks made out to us individually are not tax-deductible.

We covet your prayers as we prepare by faith to make the transition into this new season of ministry, of being fully supported by the Lord, via believers whom He leads to invest in our callings.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and your prayerful support.


Chris & Yvette Ferguson

Make a financial donation

check-writting200P.S. Remember to share your personal prayer requests.

To support us financially, make a check or money order payable to “IHOP-KC”. Include a small separate post-it note or piece of paper with the check with my full name “Chris Ferguson” on it. Correspondence to this address will be discarded by the IHOP finance office. The IRS prefers you don’t include my name anywhere on the check (for tax reasons), but be assured I do receive 100% of the funds you donate. Mail the donation to:

IHOP-KC Missionary Support

ATTN: Support for Chris Ferguson

3535 East Red Bridge Road

Kansas City, MO 64137

Or, easily donate online with your Paypal account or a credit card


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One response to “Join The Ferguson Family Support Team

  1. we totally know how this goes ( our trouble has been finding support for this ministry that people don’t want to believe exists or, rather, do not think they should fund (“you know, we WORK for our money. why don’t you?” i love hearing that line… if only they knew).
    we’ll be praying for you guys. and may the Lord bless you abundantly with a network of faithful supporters which stretches far beyond your imagination (and resources!).

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