3 Gallons of Milk

The other day our family ran out of milk not an entirely uncommon event. But living this life of faith as an Intercessory Missionary we were not able to just run down to the store and buy another. What does an IM do in a situation like this? Pray!

Wasn’t the end of the world the kids had to eat something besides milk and cereal for breakfast. Yet, it wasn’t something I had experienced since I was a kid. So when day two came along without any moo juice, I sat in the Prayer Room and reminded God two things: 1. The strength of my arm had always provided for my kids and that we know Him to be a much better Father and stronger than I. Finally, I prayed my persistent widow prayer…I know who you are Lord (Jehovah Jireh) and I know what you have (the cattle on a thousand hills). – I came home and told Yvette.

The next night Yvette recieves a phone call from a friend  who asks: “Could you guys use some milk? My friend left town and just gave me 10 gallons of milk (frozen).” We took three gallons! Now just so know we’ve been living this life of faith…for 2.5 years and no one has ever randomly or coincidentaly called with Milk!

Some days I love this life of faith and other days I am dying to quit! My God said, “Somedays are like that…even in Kansas City!”God is always faithful! He is never slack and always consistent. We are learning so much…and the price of education isn’t cheap especially in the School of the Spirit!

When one test is over another comes! But He promises to renew our strength. If you have ever thought about supporting us click the Pay Pal link.



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3 responses to “3 Gallons of Milk

  1. I love it! Since becoming pregnant, I go through two gallons a week by myself, and you can only imagine the level of intercession I would be willing to go to were I to run out. In fact, I am almost out right now….

    I love these stories of God’s provision. Aaron actually keeps a diary of the things that happen for us…

  2. Linda

    God owns the cattle on a thousand hills AND HE GIVES YOU THE MILK- I LOVE IT Blessings and may you always have lots of milk
    I am just this walk of faith at a new level – It has made me
    trust God more deeply , to let go of lesser things more easily
    and love God more purely .And all I can say He has always been
    more than enough. Blessings

  3. That is awesome! Reminds me of George Mueller.

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