Prayer Request For Todd and Shonnah Bentley

Special Prayer Request Regarding Todd Bentley

from Rory, Wendy and the GOD TV Board of Directors

Dear One,

It is with great regret that we as Founders and our Board call you to urgent prayer.

As you may have already heard, Todd and Shonnah Bentley are experiencing some current marital difficulties and have separated.

GOD TV is anxious that our viewers and partners will first of all respond to these unfortunate circumstances with an attitude of Christ-like maturity and pray fervently for Todd, Shonnah and their children as a family who are precious to the Lord. While we have learned today that immorality was not an issue, no doubt the enemy has exploited vulnerabilities in their marriage.

What the devil has not counted on is the Christ-like maturity and intercession that is currently being raised up all across the earth in response. We hope you will join us as a part of this prayer covering.

It is GOD TV’s position that marriage is a foundational cornerstone to those families called to ministry and would believe that those who have spiritual oversight for Todd and Shonnah’s ministry will recommend a time of sabbatical for the family in order to seek reconciliation within their marriage should these reports be accurate.

As many of you know, August 8th was our final ‘Lakeland’ broadcast. We do however, believe that it is important to recognize and defend the authenticity of this outpouring by the testimonies of the countless thousands who viewed on GOD TV or attended at Lakeland and were healed, set free and delivered through Jesus Christ. There are many churches around the UK, USA and the world who are currently holding nightly revival meetings affecting whole communities.

Once again at this time may we encourage all to pray for the family and soberly remember that all of us will be required to give account to the Lord for our lives. It is our earnest prayer that Todd and Shonnah will be fully reconciled.

Rory & Wendy Alec

and the Board of GOD TV

Read the Statement from Fresh Fire Ministries



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4 responses to “Prayer Request For Todd and Shonnah Bentley

  1. R

    the fruit of this meeting is evident, even in the bentleys

  2. R,

    How wrong you are! Even if you were right your heart is so far from the Sermon on the Mount!

    Can there be criticisims of these meetings? Certainly, L. Grady and Stephen Strang have both shared their concerns. Todd’s marriage was strained prior to these revival meetings. I have a friend who worked closely with todd for more than a year. What he needs now is a fresh personal encounter with the Lord that may bring reunion with he and Shonnah. An encounter that would strengthen him and even bring Holy Spirit driven correction. But instead of praying an interceding for the Bentley’s you leave a comment like that…I am reading the Sermon On The Mount and I think you’d do well to read and mediate on that verse.

    Know that I have just prayed for you to recieve revealation on your place in Christ…use your authority and maturity to pray and lift up the weaker parts of the body rather than crush or belittle them.

  3. Jan Zwart

    Give it some more time till the whole story is complete. We haven’t heard the truth yet. The Christlike maturity you are now requesting from us, the public, should always be present. Also during this period in Lakeland. Just ponder the term: Christlike, is… like Christ. Was Jesus like this? Was His caracter like this. Of course no one is perfect, but this whole thing is a call to me personally and the church to be more holy, transparent and….to have a few friends who can pinch my egoballoon when I’m off the wall. Correction, humility and no personal defense of how tremendously holy I am! Open to admit ones humanity and ones incredible dependance on Jesus daily. Even Paul would not talk about his personal (heavenly) adventures with God in order to not prove himself ‘ holier than thou’! That looked more like Jesus, now I recognizing Him again! Further up and deeper in!

  4. Melody MN

    When I heard about Todd and Shonnah, I came home from work and cried and then interceded. I had been soooooooooooo blessed watching the Lakeland Revival on GodTV each night for 120 days, I was overtaken with joy at what God was doing in America. I was so happy God was touching america, our land has been dry and perched. Because of the revival my heart has been renewed. Love is the greatest gift Jesus us gave us. I will continue to pray and intercede for Todd and Shonnah. I thank God for using Todd for great move and I look forward to complete and total restoration, greater glory and greater grace in the hearts of God’s people!!

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