Infomercials…A Strange American Invention

Pocket Fisherman  
Product Code: PF100100GENS
Set Includes:

Spin Casting Outfit – This is the famous fishing pal that has thrilled generations! Double-flex rod is hinged into closed position when stored away. Simply unfold from this position until it snaps into fully extended position. Automatic Anti-Reverse prevents the handle from turning backwards. It’s always ready for the fish to strike.

Infomercials are kind of like the twinkies of TV, not really food, not really even good tasting, but people continue to consume them. Ron Popeil made and is making his fortune from them. Now I must confess I have been known to watch one or two before. So here’s the deal do you watch them? Which ones? Have you ever bought anything?

I am dreaming of launching one! Got any ideas?


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One response to “Infomercials…A Strange American Invention

  1. Julia Palermo

    Before I kicked t.v. to the curb, I was a huge infomercial fan! I watched the Sheer Cover one at least 100 times and actually use the product. The Magic Bullet one is super hilarious. The lady in the housecoat with the fake plastic ciggarette beats all!

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