Todd Bentley Ministers At A PETA Event


Lakeland-People For The Ethical Treatment of animals have been boycotting Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. Marcus said, “That man preaches a “Speciest Gospel” he refuses to pray for and heal animals.” I brought my nineteen year old cat and his “goons” just pushed me off the stage. Marcus stood inline for 5 hours and even gave in the offering. “What’s worse is all they offer is porta potty’s. We couldn’t find a litter box anywhere! That’s when I realized the error of this false prophet.” Eric who declined to share his last  name said, “Anyone can pray for people but where are the cat healers?”

The two men began picketing Bentley’s meetings. Signs said: “Jesus loves cats too!” Bentley is a speciests” After weeks of no response the ministry bought 10 privacy liter boxes and now has reserved seating for pets. The concession stand now includes kitty treats and a “Bam! Bam!” collar.

Friday is now Pet night. One Siamese cat grew a new tale. Eric’s cat FiFi, was sprawled out in the spirit for hours. Catnip has nothing on this “Bam, Bam!” Lakeland Animal Control officer, Dale Anderson, stated “It’s amazing stray alley cats that we are continually locking up are now finding loving homes and playing with kids.

PETA is now calling upon all Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Bhudists to follow Bentley’s example. The religious community has to start building clinics, schools, and ministry centers for animals too.



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4 responses to “Todd Bentley Ministers At A PETA Event

  1. Linda

    Is this for REAL – Maybe the revival can get on Animal Planet-
    I love animals and look foreward to the day all creation will be
    restored – We are commanded in the Word to treat our animals kindly-but I didn’t find a command to pray for them ( but I am sure
    that is ok with God as long as w are keeping His commands )

  2. Wait until they learn the truth – that he is… [gasp] an… ANTI-DENTITE!!!

  3. 1Intercessor

    This is a riot. “Lakeland Animal Control officer Dale Anderson…” I’m dyin’ here!

  4. Sigve

    I was praying for a dog once in a drugpark, because the woman who
    owned it wanted me to do so. Of course I could have said no, but I did it even I was unsure. 🙂 The woman was shocked how the dog reacted. He was so calm when I put my hand on him. He didn`t use to be so. This is just a curiosity. God created the animals and fishes, but man have dominion over them. We don`t have to pray for a single animal, but it is not wrong to do it either.

    Funny story, it is a good joke 😉

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