Adotpion Up Date…Send Money To Our Friends

Our friends need your help adopting a baby. It is insane that it costs so much, but the reality is what it is. Consider their apeal and visit their site and help.

we need help.  Our adoption has come to a stand still.  We can turn in our applications to the agencies, but they will not present us to situations until we have the money to pay for it.  We need about $30,000! 🙂  Basically, a miracle from the Lord.  I know that a lot of people near and far read your blog and I only know of 2 or 3 who read mine.  My thought is that maybe you could post our story and a little info on our hearts and family. The word could really get out fast and a lot of people could pray, too.  We know God is in control, HE IS OUR PROVIDER, and that he knows.  Let me know if you can help.  Thanks friends


“The shortest distance between a problem and a solution in the distance between your knees and the floor.” Charles Stanley

What I see as a problem, God sees as a opportunity to help and for me to draw near to him. Here is my problem: We need a MIRACLE!!!! As our adoption journey has been rolling along, God has met us every step of the way. We have prayed for money and it has come at just the right time. We have prayed for confirmation to move ahead and the Lord has shown us every single time. Now we are at a critical point: we can turn in our applications to the adoption agencies, but they will not present us to any situations until we have the money to pay for that situation. Well folks, we have just enough money to send off our apps, make about a zillion needed copies and order certified birth certs and marriage license. We will then be out of money. Now, I know that our God is bigger and that is not an obstacle to Him! I only want to grasp that same mindset. We have been praying, so if you feel led, please pray for us as we continue on in this journey of faith.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adoption update…

I have been asked questions like “When will you get your baby?” or “Do you know what baby you are getting?”. The answer is we do not know, we are waiting. The way it works is we are going to turn in our applications to adoption agencies with in several states and we could be matched within 3-6 months. That means a birth mother has selected our family to raise her baby girl and we also agree that she is to be our baby. Then we wait for the BIG DAY and go to the state/city she will be born in. Our prayer is that we will be a the delivery and hold our baby immediately. We then stay in that city/state until the courts release us and the birth mom has sign the release. I am sure there may be a few things I am leaving out, but as we walk along this path, I will update.

So once again we are in the throws of paperwork! We have downloaded several adoption agencies applications and are in the process of filling them out. It can be a little intimidating because they are rather large and ask soooo many questions. The apps contain similar quesions that we have already answered for our homestudy and for CAC. I would think it would make it easier, but it is just a lot. One agency I researched had a 44 page application! WOW! So if you think of us, please pray for the paperwork process to move smoothly.

Another testimony…I did get our finished homestudy in the mail (awesome!) and with it a bill…I forgot that we would pay more once receiving the completed hs. So we already paid $ to CAC at a discounted rate, so it left me wih $250 for any more adoption cost to come. The bill for the hs was $450. I was short! Oh no! I prayed and asked the Lord for more $ and left it at that. Two days later, someone came to our home and gave us $500!!!! Praise Jesus! He heard me…again. His faithfulness is amazing!

If you are praying please include our little girl, her birth mom and family. Here’s a few things you could highlight: baby to be healthy, whole, complete, lacking nothing, birth mom to have a understanding of the Lord’s love and delight for her, safe delivery, etc.. Thanks!! Posted by Daughter of the Lord Jesus at 10:54 AM 1 comments Labels: ,

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Adoption update

Tomorrow we are going to our first official interview with our social worker. This is part of the home study process. I must admit I am a little nervous but I am looking foward to getting started with this part of the journey. The meeting should last about 4-5 hours! Then Wednesday we meet with her again. These are both separate interviews for Matt & I. On April 1st the interview will be in our home. At that time, she will watch us as a family and talk with the boys about how they feel about adoption. Our hope is to be done and have a completed home study by the first part of May. Then we will continue to have our prayers go up for the remainder of the finance to come in. Pray for us–we need it! 🙂 Posted by Daughter of the Lord Jesus at 8:43 PM 0 comments Labels:

Friday, February 29, 2008

Garage Sale/Fund Raiser

It is so exciting to move foward. So we are making plans for a fund raiser and a garage sale to help fund the all of the adoptions. There are 5 or 6 other families in the process to adopt right now! Amazing ideas are springing forth from all of the women involved. Please keep us in your prayers and may the favor of the Lord be released as we continue in the journey. Thank you all for your help and input. More to come… Posted by Daughter of the Lord Jesus at 12:11 PM 1 comments Labels:

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Beginning…

Here we are in our second blog site in the same day and I REALLY excited to get started! The theme: To share our story on the journey to adopt, and our journey in life. It has been a road well traveled lately. Between prayer, paperwork, laughter, tears, more prayer, more paperwork we have partnered with the Lord and do not want to stop. We are saying “Yes” to caring for more of His liitle ones and we are beliving Him to provide a means to do so.
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