Sharing Rachel’s Comments With You

Soulpants and John Burton,

I have to say that I agree with you 110% and appreciate everything you have had to say. Todd is imperfect, and my mind has been offended by him, but then my heart was revealed. The Lord has shown me a whole lot about this revival, and I TRULY believe it is REAL.

This wave is coming, and there are going to be people who aren’t prepared, and get taken over by the wave and crushed by it. There will also be people standing on the shore, too afraid to get in and assessing the wave as it approaches. But, I long to be the one in the water who is prepared to ride the wave the whole way in. I know, not biblical, I just like the analogy.

My problem with so many of Todd’s accusers is that they can be so hateful. Who is operating in love here? Isn’t love what conquers all and should be the center of everything?

I know that our church (which is mostly young people) is LONGING for a REALITY of God. Who can claim to know His ways? How can you know exactly how he works? If you listen to the testimony by Kelsey Hayes, you hear her say how she was taken to heaven and angels worked on her insides and she could feel it, and when she woke up, she was HEALED. Is that weird? Oh yeah. Is she a heretic for speaking of angels helping heal her? Does the enemy seek to HEAL us of pain and suffering? Last I checked, he came to steal and destroy.

Every single video I have seen of Todd on YouTube that is supposedly “exposing” him is filled with a bunch of conjecture. They take a clip of him saying that he is trying to get people to believe in “the angel” and everyone starts flipping out and saying he is possessed, etc. It’s all out of context. And not only that, a week ago or so, Todd acknowledged EVERY SINGLE attack made on him about his “obsession with angels”, etc and told everyone what he really believes: that it’s all for Jesus.

So tell me: How can someone being led by the devil preach Jesus at the same time? How can people be healed through him? How can they be brought to the knowledge of God through him?

I was offended by Todd Bentley, but I love him now, because the Lord showed me that I needed a heart change. I pray all of you seek what the Lord is trying to teach you. Listen with your spirit, not your mind. Get your flesh out of the way, and you will be amazed at what the Lord will show you.

Rachel said this on July 12, 2008 at 1:04 pm (edit)


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  1. Julia Palermo

    amen, let’s stand!

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