My Issue With Lakeland Critics

I am going to be blogging a few posts about Lakeland Critics. I am going to try to stay on subject and keep on one topic at a time. I urge your dialogue via comments. Let’s be respectful and try to avoid sarcasm, it never reads well. Intelligent, respectful commentors may be invited to “Guest Blog”.

My first post will be on: strange ways. Keep reading!



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2 responses to “My Issue With Lakeland Critics

  1. I am looking forward to what you have to say about the critics. I wonder if there is any value in it.

  2. David,

    In terms of blogging to change minds…doubtful. In terms of blogging to reach others before their minds are made up…impactful.

    In terms of speaking truth…always. In terms of preventing a “Charismatic Civil War”…let it be said that I was one who tried.

    Critics often have valid good points and are often raised up by the Lord to serve a purpose in our lives. However, they too are human and are prone to error but often struggle to see their own imperfect doctrines.

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