John & Amy Burton Update

amylakeland Watch the YouTube video of Amy and me receiving prayer at the Lakeland revival:

We’re back from Lakeland, and have already made a stop at the hospital.  The baby is still lifeless, and the doctor is concerned for Amy’s health.  So, we will have to induce on Thursday morning if our “Plan A” miracle doesn’t happen.  That being- resurrection!  We know God has a MASSIVE plan in all of this, and our faith is so supernaturally charged right now. 

>>TOMORROW (Wednesday) at 7pm at the Birchwood MPR (the room all the way on the right hand side of the complex) we are going to have joy and passion filled, revival style intercession for LIFE!  The fire is simmering intensely on both Amy and me right now, and our heart is to see all of you burning hot for God! 

Livi’s story will help bring revival fire and life to all of us as we encounter her creator tomorrow night!

Then, we’ll stand in powerful agreement and pray for a creative miracle.  We’d like to invite you and anybody you know who would like to burn in the presence of God and also to fan the flames of intercession for Livi.

Richy, can you let me know if you can make it… and, if you can lead worship?

Thanks everybody- forward this on! 

Email me if you have any questions.  Of course, for those of you who aren’t local, we’d love for you to pray with us where you are!


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