Bill Johnson on Todd Bentley

The Heresey Hunters, the skeptics, and the cynics have all been abuzz commenting and opinionating on Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival. Bill Johnson gave an excellent response to an email he received recently.

It’s a big challenge to us all not to be so quick to sit in judgement of others….

“How in God’s name can you endorse Todd Bentley?” (email sent to Bill Johnson)

“Have you spent time with Todd?
Do you know him?
Have you watched him with his wife?
Have you seen how he treats his kids?
Have you spent any time with his staff?
Have you been to his ministry?
Has he been to yours?
Have you laid hands on him and prayed?
Has he laid hands on you and prayed?
Have you grieved over tragedy together?
Have you celebrated victory together?
Has he sought your counsel and has he travelled great distance just to meet with you privately for advice?
Have you ever recieved his counsel?
Have you ever been in the room when God shows up on him, used him in stunning miracles?
Have you seen him operate in word of knowledge and the prophetic?
Have you met with his council of elders?
Have you personally benefited from his gift?
Has he benefited from your gift and ministry?
Has he ever honoured you for who you are in God?
Has he partnered with you as a friend?
Have you sacrificed for his welfare, for that of his family?
Have you sought God with him?
Have you ever worshipped the Lord with him?
I didn’t think so…..

I have, and I will continue to support those I have walked with in life and ministry
He is my friend
More importantly God calls him friend
and if you and I were ever friends at that level and people hated you, turned against you, started web pages to tear down your ministry, criticised you to your friends,
wrote against you in christian magazines, criticised you on the radio, wrote emails to other conference speakers and authors…

I’d still be your friend

By the way, criticism in the form of a question, is not a question.
But to respond to your statement “how in God’s name can you endorse Todd Bently?”
Its easy, I do it in God’s name.”

Food for thought

To listen to the whole podcast visit Bethel Church and the podcast is called the Loyalty of Bethel



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37 responses to “Bill Johnson on Todd Bentley

  1. Polycarp

    Todd Bentley is far from a man of God. Here and Here

  2. I did not read one single question in that response that was not subjective in nature. There was not a single reference to the scripture. What does any of that reply have to do with whether or not Todd’s theology is aberrant and dangerous? Being a nice family man and personable does not excuse major lapses in doctrine.

    • David

      Seeking someone to be healed is the action of a SERVANT. PC you call it ‘seeking signs and wonders’, but when was the last time you stayed up all night praying for a dying friend to be healed? Do you care that much?

      The Bible is clear: JESUS IS THE EXACT REPRESENTATION OF THE FATHER. And Jesus, moved with compassion “healed their sick” – Matthew 14:14 So does the Father who is the same yesterday today and forever. I am in contact with the Father. I hope you are too.

      what lapses in doctrine are you specifically referring to?

      Anyone who doesn’t believe in a believer’s power over death (and the lesser form of that: decay and sickness and demons) through their identity in Christ made possible through the death and resurrection of Christ is in heresy. “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.'” Luke 10 This is not a quote in reference to the twelve apostles but to the 72. God created men and women to rule the earth (Genesis 1; hello) not to be ruled by death or anything else. The church at large in THIS nation is in heresy about this although not the church at large around the world. The church at large in this nation has been around like the established religion whose leaders Jesus opposed during His life and ministry on earth.

      If miracles are what you are talking about when you are referring to heresy, that’s just plain silly. God told Moses to prove that he was from God through miracles and same for Jesus. (Exodus 4:1-8, John 10:25,37,38) Obviously adultery is not from God. No one is arguing that.

      IVE SEEN NO REFERENCE TO SCRIPTURE IN YOUR COMMENT AT ALL. Anyone who opposes someone on the basis that they believe in or do miracles is clearly outside of biblical thought.

      Again what doctrinal issues do you refer to here?

      • David

        Literally PC you should take a trip to Africa where the need for miraculous provision from our Father, (who “supplies all our need” according to the abundance of His grace and “gladly gives us all good things”) is greatly needed. If you don’t see the need for it in this nation where, as Obama has so adamantly pointed out, not all the medical needs are being met, maybe being in Sub Saharan Africa will open your blinded eyes a little bit to the need for miraculous provision and just maybe you’ll begin to experience the Father’s heart and willingness to produce ‘signs and wonders’ as you put it. Jesus always said “I’m willing” when asked whether or not he was willing. And once again He is the EXACT REPRESENTATION OF THE FATHER to whom “we have access”.

  3. Obviously, it goes without stating the Bill Johnson agrees with Todd on most points theologically. The question was from someone who obviously respected Bill Johnson. You assume that because you’ve got issues with Todd’s theology that this email sender had issues with that…maybe they were offended by Tat’s and mannerisms rather than Theology.

  4. You have to realize that we ALL have differences in regard to theology. Todd does not violate any of the absolutes of scripture… that’s clear.

  5. Polycarp

    Sorry, gentlemen, his theology is filled with angels, violence and seeking signs and wonders. That is a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you really believe that a preacher has to react violently against someone for them to be ‘healed’? Tell me, where is the continuing proof of these ‘miracles’.

    Todd B. is a false prophet and a heretic.

    • David

      Literally PC you should take a trip to Africa where the need for miraculous provision from our Father, (who “supplies all our need” according to the abundance of His grace and “gladly gives us all good things”) is greatly needed. If you don’t see the need for it in this nation where, as Obama has so adamantly pointed out, not all the medical needs are being met, maybe being in Sub Saharan Africa will open your blinded eyes a little bit to the need for miraculous provision and just maybe you’ll begin to experience the Father’s heart and willingness to produce ’signs and wonders’ as you put it. Jesus always said “I’m willing” when asked whether or not he was willing. And once again He is the EXACT REPRESENTATION OF THE FATHER to whom “we have access”

  6. This is what God tells me Signs and Wonders follow those who believe.I have sat in Bill Johnson conference,I have seen healing without people being touched.Taste and see the Lord is good.Watch it God’s is in the house.All this to say WE ARE CLOSER TO THE COMING OF OUR LORD!These days are just like they say in scripture,test it.God Bless All

  7. Polycarp,

    I personally find it arrogant that you would chose the name of one of the Fathers of the Church! Secondly, The Gospels, Jesus’ own words, the Book of Revelation…all point to a church/believers who move in Signs & Wonders and many of Jesus’ healing “methods” appear bizzare even illegal in his day and time. Revelation…signs and wonders and violence. So PC, read the very Bible you quote.

    I personally know a young girl who was miraculously healed. Most heresy hunters will say it was false or even a “devil healing”. Didn’t the Sadducees and Pharisees say the same thing of Jesus?Why is that many so easily believe satan heals…but refuse to attribute healing to Jesus? Kelsey Hayes was healed and she is more in love with Jesus than ever- she doesn’t worship Todd or promote the kingdom of darkness. She is a 14 year old girl who was ill for years and now she is free.

    Is Todd perfect?No, but last time I checked the only people Jesus uses are weak imperfect human beings.

  8. Rebecca

    Well,We see that Todd and Bill are friends.But what Todd is doing is supressing the Holy Spirit.I saw and heard personally,In a June meeting,Todd Bentley say, NOW that the annointing is so strong,I’ll pass around the offering plate.You cannot serve God and mammon.My salvation and yours is FREE people.You cannot BUY the Holy Spirit.And to take someones eyes and heart off God so they can delve into their pocketbooks is an abomination!!Jesus said in Matthew 10,What you FREELY receive You FREELY give.God won’t give His glory to another.Jesus died on that cross for our salvation.Not an angel!! And if Jesus tells us when someone slaps one cheek,turn the other,and what we do Do in LOVE,What is Todd Bentley doing kicking people and assaulting them?JESUS Spoke,He used words and taught us to use His word to bring demons out.Jesus took on a whole legion with the mad man of Gaderene with Word.Jesus tells us this kind cometh out through prayer and fasting,Not kicking someone!! Todd Bentley is violent.And confusing people.God is not a God of confusion.He is Merciful and Kind,Compassionate.He is Our Father,Our Daddy.He cares for us.He won’t charge you for what He gives youy freely.He says If our desire is toward Him,He will GIVE you the desires of your heart.We are to pray,even for our enemy.Pray for these people.They need it.

  9. The reality is that people are falling in love with Jesus Christ at an amazing rate as they are involved in the Lakeland outpouring. Todd is imperfect, and I don’t sense any grace, mercy or love from the heresy hunters.

    Why such a knee-jerk reaction to what is unusual? To a revival atmosphere? When God moves, an extreme opportunity for offense will tempt flesh and intellect.

    Todd Bentley has never violated one of the absolutes of scripture, from what I’ve heard. We can humbly agree to disagree on the non-absolutes.

    Todd has people like Peter Wagner (a thousand times the Bible scholar any of us will ever be) covering him and coaching him.

    We have no relationship with Todd. Can you really say he hates Jesus? Really? No way. Maybe he makes mistakes and holds to some different theological beliefs on the non-absolute level than others do… but, we all have these same issues. We all disagree on issues. We all make mistakes. We all mis-speak.

    God loves Todd. God is using Todd (that can’t be denied). We must love and serve and cover Todd well. If he violates an absolute of scripture, then certainly we can pray for him and trust the local leadership to respond.

    How does your intercession for Todd compare to the level of your attack on him?

  10. Wake up Church!

  11. 1intercessor

    Here’s the deal folks – fakes, charlatans and cheats will always be with us. Get over it. Church history is full of weak, imperfect people being used of God in “signs and wonders”. They are a biblical and necessary part of the Kingdom of God on earth. You think this is wild, wait until the last seven years of this age! If we can’t tell the difference between the real and fake now, what will we do when a real fake, i.e. the anit-christ and his really false prophet comes along? This is a grace from God on so many levels folks – let’s buy into true Holy SPirit power and study it, that we may tell the false to the true.

  12. kristen

    The phrase keeps coming up… “in the last days.” Well, Scripture says both “as it was in the days of Noah…” and “they will believe a lie.” Even the antiChrist will be raised from the dead. Does that mean God will do it? Absolutely not. And I believe, although some would disagree with me, that the “days of Noah” reference is regarding rampant sin and demon posession. This “healer” is preaching another Jesus. I believe we are taught to mark him and avoid him.

  13. Kristen,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The days of Noah could include all you’ve referenced and it could in addition to that include…”People blindly going about business as usual and rejecting,ignoring, or missing what God was saying and doing through the life of a peculiar man (noah) and his strange odd ways.”

    Sometimes we are offended at the way God moves and the people he uses. Most of us read the gospels and see Jesus from a 21st Century Gentile perspective…the truth is the Religioneers of Jesus’ day had it right…he was completely offensive, He did violate years of tradition, that they sincerely believed were right. They were following what their Fathers modeled. Jesus was offensive to some and yes Todd’s mannerisms may be offensive to some.

    Todd is not preaching “another Jesus” that is nice little phrase but it simply is not true. He preaches and believes historic Chrisitanity. He also believes in the continuation of the gifts and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    I will give you that God uses weak and broken people and that everything that happens at Lakeland may be a little messy. The truth is all we God has to use is weak people. Since He chooses to use humans to partner with Him, God is more than willing to see us through to maturity.

    Please consider this…Jesus said it was a serious offense to declare the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil. So please be slow to make absolute statements. A devil did not heal my 14 year old friend Kelsey Hayes. Jesus did and she was and is a genuine lover of God and Christ-Follower.

  14. kristen

    The Bible tells us specifically to search the Scriptures, to “try the spirits”, and yes, to mark and avoid anyone who does not line up TOTALLY with God’s Word. I know that God uses weak people. That’s all He has had to work with since Eden. But He has given us detailed instructions in order to determine if something is of Him. Does Todd do things decently and in order? Is everything he teaches correct doctrinally? Does every “prophetic” prediction come true? Every single one? Because if not, he is no prophet of God.

    I would charge you to read Matthew 24. This chapter is speaking of the last days and it is where “the days of Noah” is mentioned in verse 37. Nothing in this chapter is a sign pointing us to go to Lakeland. The way I read it, we are warned not to be fooled by signs and wonders such as these.

    And just for the record, “another Jesus” is not original to me, but I’m sure the Apostle Paul appreciates your description of it as “a nice little phrase”. He was inspired by God to use that description of false teachings in 2 Cor. 11.

    Please understand that I am in no way criticizing little Kelsey. I trust that she has given her life to Christ and that He has manifested His grace by healing her. But I would never give that praise to a man.

  15. julia

    definition of leadership – eveyone has a good view of your back as you run ahead. unfortunately, they will stab it more often than follow it.

  16. Soulpants and John Burton,

    I have to say that I agree with you 110% and appreciate everything you have had to say. Todd is imperfect, and my mind has been offended by him, but then my heart was revealed. The Lord has shown me a whole lot about this revival, and I TRULY believe it is REAL.

    This wave is coming, and there are going to be people who aren’t prepared, and get taken over by the wave and crushed by it. There will also be people standing on the shore, too afraid to get in and assessing the wave as it approaches. But, I long to be the one in the water who is prepared to ride the wave the whole way in. I know, not biblical, I just like the analogy.

    My problem with so many of Todd’s accusers is that they can be so hateful. Who is operating in love here? Isn’t love what conquers all and should be the center of everything?

    I know that our church (which is mostly young people) is LONGING for a REALITY of God. Who can claim to know His ways? How can you know exactly how he works? If you listen to the testimony by Kelsey Hayes, you hear her say how she was taken to heaven and angels worked on her insides and she could feel it, and when she woke up, she was HEALED. Is that weird? Oh yeah. Is she a heretic for speaking of angels helping heal her? Does the enemy seek to HEAL us of pain and suffering? Last I checked, he came to steal and destroy.

    Every single video I have seen of Todd on YouTube that is supposedly “exposing” him is filled with a bunch of conjecture. They take a clip of him saying that he is trying to get people to believe in “the angel” and everyone starts flipping out and saying he is possessed, etc. It’s all out of context. And not only that, a week ago or so, Todd acknowledged EVERY SINGLE attack made on him about his “obsession with angels”, etc and told everyone what he really believes: that it’s all for Jesus.

    So tell me: How can someone being led by the devil preach Jesus at the same time? How can people be healed through him? How can they be brought to the knowledge of God through him?

    I was offended by Todd Bentley, but I love him now, because the Lord showed me that I needed a heart change. I pray all of you seek what the Lord is trying to teach you. Listen with your spirit, not your mind. Get your flesh out of the way, and you will be amazed at what the Lord will show you.

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  18. Dean

    I can’t help but ask why there is such a push by Todd and those within his circle of influence to promote angels?? To my knowledge, and I welcome any correction, I’ve never seen where God assigned angels to a person’s ministry, and certainly not to be preached. the Holy Spirit is the only one that should be in us and driving us. Also, I have yet to see where an angel has taken on a female persona. I think God would have put that in His word if that were true. The Bible says we will all be known by our fruit(s). I don’t believe physically hurting someone that is there for healing is a fruit of someone on track with God. No where in scripture did Jesus heal by pain. He may have done some un-orthodox things like making mud from dirt and spit and placing it on the eyes of a blind man, but he never hurt them.

  19. Jay

    please oh please make the type bigger so those of us who haven’t been healed yet, can see the words and read them! I have to get six inches from the screen to read posts!

  20. Dean

    I second that! I thought it was the fact I was getting old.

  21. Bill Johnson’s reply to that email is facetious, dismissive, and theologically absurd. He says absolutely nothing theological about Bentley’s ministry; it’s all just “Todd’s a friend of mine. I know him; you don’t. So shut up and drink your juice box.” It’s abusive and if this is all a so-called prophet can come up with then it also rather sad. I’ve written a point by point response to Bill’s rant on my blog. Do read it.

    • David

      seriously, for all you know, this whole thing with Todd maybe a creation of the media. That’s basically not likely, but if your friend who you have first hand experience with is being ATTACKED, definitely not loved, will you take their hand and let God use you in part to lead them back to the promised land or just let them die. JESUS DEFINITELY WOULDN’T LET ANYONE DIE. That’s why he died on the cross. HELLO!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??!!!

      • David

        You have close to no authority to speak on this matter.

      • David

        remember sunday school guys: Jesus, friend of sinners
        Followers of Jesus therefore are ____________
        There you go, the right answer is “friends of sinners”. You got that one right for 5000 points.

        Ya’ll are being like the Pharisees: If he were a man of God he’d know who’s touching him.

      • David

        For those who are slow:
        Bill Johnson is a follower of Jesus or at least aspiring.
        Therefore he is properly being a friend of a sinner.
        Those who don’t understand the nature of his letter are downright hard-hearted.

      • David

        You don’t see Jesus in the gospels denouncing leaders from afar. You see him doing it to their face. If you have authority you should walk up to Todd’s face and say something and stop acting like a coward. The bible says cowards go to hell, so stop PRACTICING cowardice.

  22. Coach

    May I ask a question that millions of others have at this moment? Jesus I know, Todd Bentley I know about – but who is Bill Johnson? Hate to burst bubbles but where is Bill Johnson’s “fruit”? And where is Todd Bentley’s fruit? Even the devil will heal folks in these last days – signs and wonders are evidence but they are not FRUIT! FRUIT reproduces…Selah!

  23. Coach…Kelsey Hays loves Jesus and she is reall fruit from Todd’s ministry. Kelsey is testifying of Jesus everywhere she goes!

    Bill Johnson…my wife and I prayed for a woman who had a lump in her breast at a Bill Johnson meeting…she was instantly healed. She went immediately into the restroom to examine herself. We saw her the very next day.

    Can these men make mistakes…absolutely! But to judge and condemn them based upon your personal preference for a ministry style or because their non-essential doctrine differs from your own is a huge mistake.

  24. How telling was the man’s response to those who were critical of the miracles that Jesus did “whether he is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know; that though I was blind, now I see” John9:25
    Nothing has changed has it? Jesus declared that true believers would do greater things. Todd is one of the true believers , so why all the surprise and scepticism that he is used in this way by the Holy Spirit to share in the impartation of Signs and Wonders. Todd has never claimed any power and glory for himself, but has constantly given glory thanksgiving and praise to Jesus. How many people will be responding to the present day sceptics about the authenticity of their encounter with the Holy Spirit through an otherwise imperfect but faithful Todd. Even though he is a sinner ( as are all of us) Jesus uses him so that many will declare that although they were blind, deaf, oppressed, depressed, even dying, now they know the reality that Jesus heals. How about giving thanks to God for this man’s compassion, faithfulness and obedience, and praying for his situation that the devil is determined to exploit.

  25. I wonder if Bill was able to discern the problems that just came out with Todd…

  26. Jeanine

    If my friend were wrong–and some of my friends have been–I would let them know. I have a friend who has been so for over 30 years–she knew I was wrong…we are still friends…

    Also, do you think that the Anti-Christ will have two horns and a tail? Nope, he will be your FRIEND too–if you do not start using some dicernment.

  27. Jeanine

    There will be healings, miracles, signs and wonders in the name of Jesus…and they will come from people not of God…

    I believe the healings and miracles are real.

    I just do not follow every single ministry with signs that comes down the pike.

    I use discretion and I wait.

    I wait to see what happens.

    Now i see.

  28. Naomi O'Neil

    Acts 5:38
    “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

  29. c hudson

    no man can do these accept God be with him!!!!!!!!

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