What You Want! The American Dream

The most recent Barna study shows what Americans want-and that their desires are evolving. Six categories stood out as most important among the study’s participants: good physical health (listed by 85 percent), living with a high degree of integrity (also 85 percent), having one marriage partner for life (80 percent), having a clear purpose (77 percent), having a close relationship with God (75 percent) and having close friendships (74 percent). Having a comfortable lifestyle, a satisfying sex life and children were the next most cited desires. Compared to a similar 1991 study by Barna, several goals seem to be on the rise. Having a high degree of integrity rose from 76 percent in 1991 to 85 percent in 2008; having a comfortable lifestyle jumped from 59 percent to 70 percent; having children bounced up 11 percentage points. Being a deeply committed Christian was up six points since 2000 and making a difference in the world was up nine points from 2000. [barna.org, 6/23/08]


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