Wilcox Farms closing Roy dairy

Wilcox Farms closing Roy dairy

07:36 PM PST on Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Associated Press

Wilcox dairy farm closing doors Watch Video here

ROY, Wash. – Wilcox Family Farms is closing its dairy at Roy in Pierce County and laying off 130 workers.

The company will continue to operate a dairy at Cheney and chicken egg operations at Roy and Aurora, Ore.

Jim Wilcox says the company wants to be known for its organic and natural egg products.

The company says the dairy business in Western Washington has not been profitable.

Wilcox sells dairy products through Metropolitan Market, Top Food and Drug, Costco and Larry’s Markets. Wilcox says it’s working with Darigold to ensure a supply for its customers.

SOULPANTS Editorial: Some of you know that in one of my former careers I worked for the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, Grading Branch, Poultry Programs as a Federal-State Supervisor, serving Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. We worked in Egg and Poultry Plants.

Jim & Barry Wilcox and their families were one of the finest people in the Industry. It was truly a sad day for me to learn that they were shutting down their Western Washington Dairy operations. They have had some of the best products and most loyal customers. These guys have always believed quality was more than a slogan. Those 130 employees are amazing people who made the Wilcox Family synonymous not just for quality but High Quality. They treated all of their employees like family and paid living wages. Jim, Barry, JT, Chris and the rest of the gang…I know you all made a difficult decision. May your business grow and prosper in the years to come.

Rent A Cow Now if only Aaron and Jennifer

had moved to the Emerald Isle sooner.



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2 responses to “Wilcox Farms closing Roy dairy

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for the nice words. It was a sad day for my children. Lisa Wilcox.

  2. Lisa,

    I meant every word. When I resigned my Career with USDA to pursue the ministry, Barry gave me personal advice regarding serving in the local church. I really have a lot of respect for your entire family.

    May the Wilcox Family Farm prosper in this New Economy!

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