Revival Breaks At World Revival Church

Haven’t made it to any of World Revival Church’s services yet, but my friend, J.D. King is keeping us posted on the latest updates. If you’ve been let us know.



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5 responses to “Revival Breaks At World Revival Church

  1. Hey Chris, this is J.D. King. Things have been really breaking open here at World Revival Church. A nine year old hispanic boy got powerfully touched on Sunday and went out through the crowd praying for people. I think there is a video somewhere of that. i’ll have to let you see it.

    God is stirring people and moving in power. I am really looking forward to all that will happen in Kansas City.

  2. J.D. A bunch of students I know are planning to attend!

  3. Jay

    When will you people get into the word and see that this is of Satan?? Bentley is demon possessed!! Matthew 7; 22,23-Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not Prophesied in Your name? and in your name have cast out devils? And in Your name done many wonderful works? 23; And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from me, you who work iniquity!

  4. Brother Jay,

    This particular post had nothing to do with Bentley. When will “you people” realize that Jesus actually said, “Let the wheat grow up with the tares!” Your techniques don’t promote dialogue but rather a “one upmanship” that is neither Godly or fruitful. Even the Apostle Paul was polite and respectful when correcting or rebuking a local church that he did not personally establish and have ongoing relationship with…

  5. Awesome! God is on the move!

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