No Thanks Billy Graham…Even The Athiests Are Smarter Than That!

No thanks Billy Graham-that’s the message John McCain had for the renowned evangelist, who had requested to meet with the presidential candidate. A letter to Graham from the McCain campaign read: “I must pass along our regrets and do not foresee an opportunity to add this event to the calendar. I know you will understand that with the tremendous demands on his time and the large volume of similar requests, events such as this are extremely difficult to schedule even though each one is important.” The exchange comes only weeks after McCain severed ties with pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley over controversy that erupted when the media highlighted controversial segments of the preachers’ past sermons.



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2 responses to “No Thanks Billy Graham…Even The Athiests Are Smarter Than That!

  1. Reverend Bob

    The Most Reverend Bob has decided to throw his hat in the ring. He’s more charming than Obama and has fewer wrinkles than McCain!

  2. So why am I supposed to vote for McCain? Because he’s a Republican? No one has dissed Billy for the last 60 years – Rev. Graham is so frail now that he’s a saint for offering to inconvenience himself in that way. And what was Parsley thinking endorsing McCain anyway? Why do preachers feel the need to endorse questionable candidates? End of rant.

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