Huckabee on Obama

Huckabee, the five-term governor from Arkansas, praised Obama, D-Ill., as the first African-American to win a major political party’s nomination for president.

 “I m grateful for Barack Obama and his magnificent climb and the journey he has made,” he said.

 “As an American, I can obviously salute the extraordinary barriers that have been broken already in this election cycle. But…he [Obama] has gone far enough this year because, ultimately, this election is not going to be about something symbolic, it [will] be about something substantive,” he added.

 Huckabee compares Obama’s early voter-appeal to the experience of spotting a new car in the showroom, then meeting with the sales manager about buying it.

 “When you got to the showroom, the car is really appealing; it’s got that new car smell and all the bells and whistles. But then you’ve got to decide, can I afford the payments?” he pointed out by way of example.

 “I think when people start looking at what Obama is saying, the very last thing they need in this tough economy is more tax burden on their families and their future.”  Newsmax


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