The Lesser of Two Evils?

For years we’ve decided Presidential Elections based upon the “Lesser of Two Evils“. Why? Because the parties don’t listen to the people they pander to the polls, cameras, and checkbooks of the wealthy.

Today we are supposed to believe that the same Hilary Clinton who has spent months pointing out flaws, weaknesses, and shortcomings of Obama now believes he is the right man for the job. Even though she has clearly defined his lack of experience and other weaknesses. He wins not on the issues but because he has “Charisma” and is young, hip, and cool. That wins my age group and younger. The fact that he look fresh and speaks in great platitudes appeals to others who are tired of politics as usual. But is he really anything new?

Now for McCain, “What are the Republican’s thinking?” This guy looks old, worn, and tired. He can’t bring the party together let alone the nation. It was never a surprise that OBAMA would win the nomination and yet out of millions of republicans McCain’s the best the RNC could come up with?

Now there is a new group, actually they’ve been around a few years called CAMP or The Committee Against Mediocrity in Politics. They are calling for Amendment XXVIII to the United States Constitution. This Amendment would add “None of the Above” to all federal election ballots, allowing voters to choose not to vote for a ballot of mediocre candidates.

Should the “None of the Above” option recieve a majority of votes in any given election, then that election would yield no winner and the election would need to be rerun with all new candidates on the ballot. This would force the parties to put top notch candidates in place. Not simply the ones with deep pockets, Hollywood smiles, and lots of political IOU’s.

Some abstain from voting in an election when they don’t want the lesser of two evils. But in the end it still means we get stuck with one who isn’t the best qualified. The ideal would be to reform politics completely…but honestly politicians handle money and power and even those who start off with good intentions can’t help but get stained. Politicians like religious leaders have away of creating laws and then discovering many “roundabouts.” But the only time a politician might possibly truly listens to their constituents is when they are running for election. NOTA is a fix to make the parties produce candidates that are more than the lesser of two evils.

In the end I am convinced that the two parties never have our best interest at heart. All work for the same big multi-national billion dollar corporations. The third party option never works this option would at least force them to put forth the best candidates.


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