John Dawson on Wealth, Riches & Money

Wealth, Riches & Money Foreword

Click to orderThank God for this book. I found its message extremely helpful in my own life. I have served as a missionary for thirty years now and have been a steward of several enterprises. During this time I have learned… and forgotten many lessons. It is therefore imperative that I recover a thorough understanding of this subject in order to coach my children as they come of age and take responsibility for their own finances. Thank you Craig and Earl for summarizing the whole counsel of God on the subject in one powerful teaching.

Wealth, Riches & Money is no quick look at the basic principles of finance. Rather it is a deeply insightful journey through the scripture, including an analysis of the spiritual dynamics taking place in the unseen realm. There is an exposure of the spirit of mammon, a demonic overlay that seeks to manipulate human attitudes toward money.

We know that money is simply a receptacle for deferred goods and services created by human cultures for trading. The mode of exchange is what we receive for our products and our time, being neither good nor evil. However the authors point out that an idolatrous reverence for the power of money becomes an enslaving deception.

The pursuit of money has become the organizing principle for society and the determining factor in personal and family decision-making. This system of thoughts and habits is so pervasive that it is impossible to live above its persuasive power without the renewing of our minds and the enabling of the Holy Spirit. We need all the help we can get from mentors who will open the scriptures to us and teach us how to live.

Craig and Earl explore the stark contrast between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness as it relates to finance, pointing out that the basic operating principle in God’s economy is giving and receiving rather than buying and selling.

This principle and related truths will revolutionize your life as you understand and apply what the Bible really teaches.

Full of practical wisdom that flows from profound understanding of the character of God, the text constantly builds faith even as it imparts knowledge. These two men are true friends of God, mature Christian leaders who keep reminding us that basic provision for our lives is made by our heavenly Father, just because He loves us. Great stories, clear Bible teaching and honest personal testimony make this book accessible to everybody. I’ll use it as a means to teach my children, but it would serve just as well the needs of a financial seminar for executives or the leadership team of a church.

John Dawson
Founder, International Reconciliation Coalition
Los Angeles, 2001 

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I posted this because it is very similar to the teaching that Javamama shared in her excellent blog post on the spirit of mammon…”Sunday, I had the privilege of being in our home church. I’d heard that Pastor Ron was doing a series from Robert Morris’, “The Blessed Life“. He shows a 10-ish minute video clip and then preaches another 10-ish minutes.” Read her post here I want to get this DVD series also


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