Maria Sue Chapman Video Posted By Family

This Youtube video was posted by the Chapman Family on Thursday, just one day after the tragic accident that ended their 5 year old daughter’s life on earth. Her older brother was driving the vehicle that struck her, please keep them in your prayers.



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4 responses to “Maria Sue Chapman Video Posted By Family

  1. Robert Harper

    Thank You Steven for helping me in 1999 when I lost my 4 1/2 yr old daughter.For Many Weeks,I wanted that my Life would end and I resorted to Fast & Pray that God would take the breath from my body and let me die because it was Too Much for me to bear.
    The song titled “Maria” from your album and also other songs Helped me to regain my Faith.
    I Wish that I could Really Thank You in Person!
    My Prayers are with you.
    Robert Harper, Clearwater Fl.

  2. Stephanie

    We miss you Maria! We know that God is holding her in His hands.

  3. There are lessons for all of us in the Steven Curtis Chapman double tragedy where the youngest son accidentally kills the youngest daughter. How do you deal with such grief? Read, pray, think, live! With faith, hope, love, laughter. Laughter, yes. When they buried Maria Sue, the Chapmans laughed and cried. That explains my essay, which if you wish, you can read here: ‘Good Grief! Steven Curtis Chapman, please don’t be Sue-sad’ (

  4. Jay Mather

    For all of us the path is always shown
    But for some is isn’t always known.
    Every Day Must be Lived Like a Blessing He Gives.
    There is a Time for each of Us Already Prepared, and Placed
    By Gods Loving Hands, His will Be done
    His Love Unimaginable, to our Minds
    But Comforting to our Souls.
    Our faith will carry us through
    His Love will be with Us and Our Precious Ones too.

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