TIME Asks Is Time To Invade Burma

A boy carries a jerican of water in Bogalay, in the Irrawaddy Delta, Burma

A boy carries a jerican of water in Bogalay, in the Irrawaddy Delta, Burma KHIN MAUNG WIN / AFP / Getty Images  

The disaster in Burma presents the world with perhaps its most serious humanitarian crisis since the 2004 Asian tsunami. By most reliable estimates, close to 100,000 people are dead. Delays in delivering relief to the victims, the inaccessibility of the stricken areas and the poor state of Burma’s infrastructure and health systems mean that number is sure to rise. With as many as 1 million people still at risk, it is conceivable that the death toll will, within days, approach that of the entire number of civilians killed in the genocide in Darfur. READ IT ALL HERE

If my paranoid delusional next door neighbor had his sick, maimed, starving children, locked up in his house and didn’t have the resouces or the will to feed them…wouldn’t I be immoral to let them die rather than simply force my way in? Would the Burmese people hate me and hurt me? Would the Burmese government with thier 15 helicopters be any match for me? China where are you oh, wealthy nation? United Nations where are you? American citizens where are you?

We must pray and  we must act. Those evil, fearful, little men, who are murdering the masses must be removed and innocent victims must be helped.


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