News Reports on Lakeland Revival

Revival Healings

By: Melanie BrooksLakeland, Florida – Something unique is happening at the Lakeland Civic Center every night.

For three weeks, people have lined up, sometimes by the thousands, waiting to witness what they call a miracle.

Night after night, people have traveled to Lakeland to enrich their spirituality. Even if you don’t agree with what’s happening, you can’t ignore the crowds.

“It’s for real. It’s for real!”

“Either you believe, or you don’t believe.”

“You can’t argue with the miracles, you can’t argue with them.”

Those are just a few comments from worshippers who have shown up at the Civic Center.

John Darnell was in Australia watching the services on the Internet. He was so moved by what he saw, within hours, he was on a flight to Florida.

“Absolutely I believe! Miracles happen. God is real. Jesus is alive and the world doesn’t know,” Darnell told us as he walked into the Civic Center.

People at this growing revival say they’ve seen healing happen each night. They claim cancers are cured and broken bones mended. Worshippers shared their stories and experiences.

“Are you coming inside? You’re going to be so blessed by what you see,” Darnell said.

The crowds have gotten so big that the service had to be moved from Ignited Church, where it began, to the Lakeland Civic Center. Some nights, the crowd reaches 6,000 people.

So, what does the crowd say to those who don’t believe?

“Check it out. I encourage people to check it out for themselves.”

The revival is scheduled to last through Thursday. Organizers will then look for a new location to accomodate the crowds.

The service starts at 7:00 each night. CLICK HERE FOR NEWS VIDEO


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