Dear Christian friend,

We’ve all experienced raising healthcare costs and for many families, the situation is becoming desperate. But as Christians, we have people we can turn to for help. We have each other. We have Medi-Share – Medi-Share is a not-for-profit organization, a community of 50,000 Christians who share their resources to help one another. And since 1993, members have shared over $325,000,000 worth of each other’s medical bills.

Why has Medi-Share become the largest Christian healthcare program in the country? Easy.

Medi-Share is Convenient. It doesn’t matter where you work, if you’re self-employed, or if you change jobs. Your Medi-Share members share with you wherever you go.
Medi-Share Works! Our programs range from as little as $158 per month.
Medi-Share is a not-for-profit Ministry. You are sharing among other brothers and sisters in Christ, and not supporting non-Christian, unbiblical lifestyle choices.

Best of all, Medi-Share offers a true spiritual community. Countless people have known the joy of praying for each other and experience the blessings through prayers and letters that are often sent by fellow members.
I invite you to find out more about Medi-Share and the advantages of membership for you and your family.



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  1. Too late, Aragorn, I signed up for this 2 months ago! Definitely the way to go if you don’t have insurance from work. CBB

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