Lakeland Revival Intensifies

Update: Lakeland Revival Intensifies

Twice daily meetings in Lakeland, Fla., move into fourth straight week of revival. Starting Apr. 24, the meetings are being moved to Auburndale Life Church about 10 miles from Lakeland.

Lakeland Revival Intensifies

[04.22.08] Thousands of people longing for a physical or spiritual touch from God are flocking to central Florida for ongoing revival meetings that some have dubbed the “Lakeland Healing Outpouring.”

The services, which are being broadcast live daily on GOD TV to millions of potential viewers, reveal the excitement radiating from this area of the Sunshine State, prompting some people to jump on planes and fly in from across the country and even from abroad.

Todd Bentley, the 32-year-old Canadian healing evangelist with a boyish grin responsible for the meetings, reported on Friday that people’s faith alone has healed them even while they were booking their flights online or boarding planes bound for Lakeland, a city of about 90,000 between Orlando and Tampa along Interstate 4.

The 700-seat sanctuary of host pastor Stephen Strader’s Ignited Church can no longer contain the crowds. More than 1,000 worshipers stood inches apart at Friday night’s service, jamming every aisle and altar area. Their bodies rocked back and forth, and their faces wore peace-filled, lovesick and euphoric expressions.

The cars parked outside were also inches apart, with every grassy parcel of land on bordering properties used for overflow. During worship, song lyrics on PowerPoint were replaced with a warning to drivers parked at a nearby store that their cars would be “towed immediately.”

“We are all shocked that each night a minimum of 60 percent [are] first time [visitors],” Strader said yesterday.

Fire marshals locked the church doors at last night’s meeting, forcing 400 people to remain in front of the church. The crowd watched the service on a large TV, and more than 200 waited until midnight for Bentley to come out and pray for them, Strader said.

John Arnott, who pastored the historic revival ignited at his Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1994, wrote in a letter last week to Bentley: “Todd, you need to keep going in these meetings as long as the Lord is moving. I feel that this is a prophetic sign that another wave of revival is coming to North America.”

John Kilpatrick, who pastored Brownsville Assembly during the Pensacola Revival of the 1990s, told Charisma today that he wants to visit Lakeland as soon as possible in order to encourage Bentley. “It saddened me that many weren’t willing to at least come and check things out,” he said of his early meetings with revivalist Steve Hill. “I made a vow before God that if revival ever broke out again, no matter where it was, that I’d at least go.”

Kilpatrick added that revival is not something that can be controlled and that people hungry for God need to simply ask Him to touch them. “I feel in my spirit very strongly that there’s another wave of the Holy Spirit coming, a tidal wave of the glory of God,” he said, stifling his sobs on the phone. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing like the presence of God. It has ruined me for life.” 

Wendy Alec, co-founder of GOD TV, just released a prophecy to Bentley in which she said God has called what’s happening in Lakeland “just a warm-up party” that would eventually go global.

After long periods of worship, Bentley invites to the stage all those with testimonies, much like the late healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman did in her meetings.

At Friday night’s meeting, the mother of a 6-year-old girl said her daughter broke her elbow about two weeks ago and was healed after a word of knowledge from Bentley. The little girl told the crowd: “Jesus came out of heaven and touched my elbow.” The girl’s before-and-after X-rays are posted on YouTube.

Amber, a thin 15-year-old girl born with scoliosis, said she was healed and could now carry her schoolbooks as well as bend over and touch the floor, which she did publicly during the meeting. One man said he was healed of Hepatitis C. An elderly woman said she went to the doctor for confirmation first before telling the crowd she was healed of glaucoma.

Others on Friday night said they were healed of rheumatoid arthritis, panic attacks, ruptured discs, deafness, post traumatic stress disorder, cancer, leukemia and emphysema.

After a half hour of testimonials Bentley asked the crowd “to give the Lord the glory.” For at least 40 minutes people continually cried the words “holy” and “glory” in a chorus.

Some worshipers fell to the floor weeping. From behind his keyboard, a blonde-locked worship leader named Roy Fields led the procession, his face beaming heavenward.

“What is happening is so much bigger than anyone in this building,” Bentley said from the stage where he was kneeling. “I hear the angels joining in. … The Holy Spirit is taking over.”

Bentley, who looks more like a gang leader than the founder of a Christian ministry, came to Lakeland on April 2 and has shown no sign of leaving since an angel, he said, visited him the day after he arrived.

Prophetic minister Bob Jones told Bentley he believed the angel’s name was “Winds of Change”–the same angel, Jones said, that visited healing evangelist William Branham in the 1940s.

Aside from heavily reverential moments of worship, services can turn comical, as Bentley listens to accounts of healings and becomes filled with anticipation. He asked one woman on Friday, “Why are you here?” and after she responded, “I have a tumor on my rib,” he cried: “Good! That’s good!”

One man brought his small son to Bentley, saying the youngster was in need of a kidney. “Where does it hurt, boy?” Bentley asked before praying for the child and seeing him fall out.

The boy lay motionless on the platform, and his father bent over him, pressing his forehead to his son’s. “I feel he’s in some kind of vision or something,” Bentley told the crowd. When the boy got up five minutes later he said bright angels had come to him and “put their hands on me.”

The meetings have been extended due to swelling crowds. Bentley announced Friday the revival would continue daily through at least May 4. He also said he believes the same revival will hit Kansas City, Mo., next. —Paul Steven Ghiringhelli in Lakeland, Fla.



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20 responses to “Lakeland Revival Intensifies

  1. Steeno

    Thanks for this.

    I cry just reading it.

  2. It really awesome, and sceptics that abound on the net should give this a chance. We went there for a week and found it to be authentic, bible and powerful. Repentance, new salvations, and miracles were occuring all around.

  3. Scriptural Evidence that the Revival in Lakeland may not be of God:

    (2Co 11:4). For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

    The “Jesus” that Todd Bentley is preaching is not the Jesus of the Bible. His “Jesus” doesn’t preach and emphasize deep repentance, denying self and carrying the cross, selling one’s possesions to give to the poor and needy, forsaking ALL to follow him, and freely bestows his “anointing” on all who have heretical or bad doctrine and loose, immoral lives.

    The “spirit” that Todd Bentley is operating under is causing manifestations that DO NOT APPEAR anywhere in the Bible. He has been known to cause animal manifestations as well (clucking like chickens, barking like dogs, etc.), all of which are manifestations that have long been associated with pagan and heathen religions but are found nowhere in Scripture, except with Nebechanezzar at the judgement of God.

    The “gospel” that Todd preaches is a gospel of seeking after signs and wonders. It’s hocus pocus. Angel feathers, gold dust, diamonds falling, seeing female angels, again, all of which are found nowhere in Scripture. Seeking after miracles and not after the face and heart and burden of God is a deadly delusion that will lead one straight into accepting “another spirit”. There are MANY spirits in the world, which is why we are called both to test the spirits, and to test those who purport to be prophets and teachers by their DOCTRINE. Their doctrine must be solid and sound, and Todd’s is more new age and hype than it is sound Bible doctrine.

    (2Th 2:8-11). And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

    We need not say that just because there are many geniune miracles, that the whole move must be of God. The Anti-Christ himself will do many signs and wonders. And the mystery of lawlesness (anti-Christ deception) is already at work in the world. Anti-Christ doesn’t neccesary outright oppose Christ, instead, he counterfeits him.

    (2Co 11:13-15). For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

    Angel encounters are a constant theme in his meetings, and people just soak it all up, not even thinking to seriously question it. But who is to say these angels are truly the angels of the Lord God, and not emissaries of Satan sent to deceive? Todd claims that his healing anointing comes from an angel, but there is no record in all of Scripture of an angel giving somebody an anointing. The Holy Spirit is the only One who anoints God’s ministers. If the anointing is from an angel, it’s a huge red flag.

    (Col 2:18-19). Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshiping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.

    Glean what you will from that Scripture, but do note this, it is a very dangerous thing to speak constantly of angels and to give them the glory for an anointing. I don’t want any part of an anointing from any angel, I only want the HOLY SPIRIT’S anointing, period. Because I don’t know whether it’s an angel of God or an angel of light sent to deceive.

    (Mat 7:22-23). Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    Note, just because somebody:
    1. Calls Jesus “Lord”
    2. Prophesies
    3. Casts out demons
    4. Does many *wonderful* works (which includes healing people)

    Just because they do all these things DOES NOT mean they are of God! It’s not a few, but MANY, that do these things and do not belong to the true Jesus of the Bible. The Catholic Church still does genuine excorcisms (casting out demons) to this day but they are serious idolaters who preach ‘another gospel’. Signs and wonders is no proof of being genuine or not. The only way we can tell is by:

    1. The doctrine of the teacher (2 John)
    2. The fruit of their life (Mat. 7)
    3. Discerning of the spirit they operate under (1 Cor 12)


    In Christ – Josef

  4. Josef,

    Like too many blog commenters you’ve done rapid fire-shot gun blasts and I don’t have the energy to write an entire paragraph. First of all I agree with the scriptures you have quoted but don’t agree with your blanket statements:

    Todd Bentley does in fact preach the same Jesus that you claim he does not!I don’t know about his personal finances. But I suspect you too have not sold “all” you have and given to the poor. Why, can I sugest this because you are on a computer.

    You say:The “spirit” that Todd Bentley is operating under is causing manifestations that DO NOT APPEAR anywhere in the Bible.

    Hannah, was praying so fervently that Eli thought she was “drunk”. Her behaviour in the temple was so bizzare that it mimiced drunkeness.” God was pleased…Eli was wrong.”

    David, danced nude. I see no Biblical precedence for this as honoring God prior to David. In fact this would have clearly been a pagan practice. Nor do I wish to see it practiced anywhere today. But nonetheless what you have called “pagan” God esteemed as good. In fact David’s wife got put into her place for criticizing something. She analyzed it from her perspective and she was found wrong by the Lord.

    Lets not even begin to look at the OT Prophets those brothers…one marries a prostitute. Another, strips naked…you get the picture. Again there was no Biblical precedence.

    We are taught not to add to the scripture in terms of doctrine…So if I come preaching another means of salvation, If I come preaching against the diety of Christ, If I come preaching then I am a hertic. But if I sugest an experience, an encounter or an expression of Worship that is “extra Biblical” it does not equate me as a hertic.

    In terms of Angels one is absolutely correct to be cautious after all Mormonism, and Islam are all “doctrines of demons” that were given to their followers/founders.

    The Protestant church has however thrown out Angel activity limiting them to nothing more than “Greek” cupids and cloud floaters. The Old & New Testament are filled with Angelic activity. We are told that we may in fact entertain Angels unaware. When Peter was released from prison they thought it was his angel at the door…it was easier for them to believe an Angel showed up then to believe their prayers were answered. Angels release men from prison. Read the prophets and revelation…Angelic activity is involved. Angels touch the prophets lips with coals. Angels give the scrolls. Angels are messengers and warriors. For an angel to deliver or impart an annointing does not at all subtract that the “annointing” comes from the Holy Spirit. Thank God the Biblical prophets did not reject recieving from an Angel.

    Absolutely we are called to test the prophets…However, based upon your agruments…Hannah, David, most of the prophets, even Jesus (he healed on the Sabbath and in that day the Religioneers were technically right…just wrong from God perspective) did things outside of the Biblical bounds. Jesus spit in peoples eyes, spoke with women, and feasted…you could have easily missed the Kingdom of God if you were born in that day.

    “Pure Gospel Truth”…my friend our greatest theological minds today don’t have all of their theology pure! A.W. Tozer and C.S. Lewis would all have conceded that He is so much high than, wider than, and deeper than we could spend a lifetime discovering what Scripture says about God and still barely know HIM!

  5. Maurice

    Chris, you pretty much summed it up! 🙂 I’m heading down there next week, dual purpose… 1) To get a hot fiery coal and bring it back!!… and 2) celebrate my 3rd anniversary in Orlando…

    But I just want to add something really quick…

    There definitely has to be balance. We can’t be super spiritual and no Word/doctrine. We also can’t be all doctrine, but no moving in the Spirit/Power of God. The pharisees were labeled as having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof… we are seeing this same thing take place today.

    I really believe the it is the anti-christ spirit that has crept into the church in the form of cessationalism… I just don’t understand how people can say that they take the bible literal, but then negate versus speaking of God being the same yesterday, today and forever… or “I am God, and I changeth not”… or God is no respecter of persons…

    God very blatantly lets us know throughout scripture that he doesn’t change… and if God is no respecter of person, that means that the same Holy Spirit that was inside of the apostles and the early church is inside of us who believe. They moved in mighty signs, wonders and miracles,… and so can we…

    One last thing, then I’m finished…

    Mark 16:15-20 (Amplified Bible)

    15And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole [e]human race].

    16He who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] and is baptized will be saved [[f]from the penalty of eternal death]; but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] will be condemned.

    17And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages;

    18They will pick up serpents; and [even] if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well.

    19So then the Lord Jesus, after He had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven and He sat down at the right hand of God.(C)

    20And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord kept working with them and confirming the message by the attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied [it]. Amen (so be it).

    End of discussion.

  6. Maurice

    Last last thing…

    Some people are just so smart, that they’re stupid.

    Okay, I’m done! I’ve been very agitated by those that make comments like the one above, but won’t attend a meeting before making the comment… at least see for yourself before making a comment. Some people spend too much time trying to be the Christian police, and because of this, they don’t spend time in prayer, they don’t fast, they don’t seek the mysteries of God, … they basically become believing un-believers… if that makes any sense… Lord, awaken your church with a spirit of sobriety and humility, in Jesus name! And MANIFEST YOUR GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Chris, thanks for answering. I appreciate it. I want to correct you about David dancing naked, in fact, he was not naked in that sense. He took off his royal kingly attire to dance unhindered, leaving him with his normal attire which would have been an undergarment making him look like the common folk.

    And though Jesus healed on the Sabbath, it wasn’t a violation of it. What he violated was not the Law of Moses but the religious traditions of the elders of the Pharisees.

    Be careful you don’t twist scripture to suit yourself. Besides, these things prove nothing about modern day false prophets, it’s not even related.

    Did you see this video:

    You know, if all that was happening was that people were getting “drunk in the spirit” I wouldn’t be so quick to speak against it. But, that’s not what’s happening. What is happening is people are having what looks like epileptic seizures when Todd touches them or blows at them. And he himself shakes violently at times with his head jerking back and forth. The only record of this happening in Scripture was the demon-possesed boy that was brought to Jesus. Please, watch that video all the way through. I want to know if you believe that is of God? And to prove he got those manifestations directly from Todd, here is the video where Todd imparts to him:

    I am a strong believer in miracles myself, and believe in the present day operations of the Holy Spirit. However, what I reject is manifestations that are found in heathen religions across the world but not anywhere in the word of God. I’m in Mexico, and there are witch doctors here who can heal people, and who can cause visions, dreams, trances, and crazy manifestations that appear identical to Todd Bentley’s.

    I don’t claim to have all my theology right. However, I do know Jesus, and by the grace of God, I do know what the true Gospel is and the effects it produces in one’s life.

    In Christ – Josef

  8. Josef, be very careful with your judgment. You simply cannot find such manifestations forbidden in scripture anywhere. If God in his power touches mortal man, we simply can’t presume to stand there unaffected. If lightning strikes somebody, they fall to the ground because of that power. What if the creator of the lightening were to touch mortal man?! The overwhelming, experiential, expressive, encounter driven relationship with God should be normal for all of us.

    We know in Acts 2 that many marveled and many mocked. The coming moves of God will be so radically outside the box that it will cause the opportunity for offense. Jesus did many things that were not recorded in scripture, and we are called to do more than Jesus did!

    The Bible talks about deep groans of the Holy Spirit… this is to be expected, yet is so rare in the Western culture where we are so logically and intellectually oriented. I just came out of a meeting in Ohio where people were so undone before the Lord, and immediately transformed that their response was groans and cries and shouts. People were spontaneously baptized in the Holy Spirit… some had been seeking that gift for years!

    If something is clearly forbidden in scripture, then by all means make it known. But, if not, then tread carefully. Remember, to blaspheme the Holy Spirit is to attribute a move of God to the devil. Be very, very careful.

  9. I have watched the revival on the web and am now a moderator in one of the chat rooms.

    After 15 days, of participating, TWICE per day, I can tell you that I am now in the Kingdom of God. I wake up in the Glory of Jesus every day since last Thursday. My mind has been cleared of all past traumas including the ancient ones from before the creation (the fall). And much much more.

    I only looked at the title and scanned the first message here, so I do not know what consensus u have reached so far.

    I can only tell u what I did. I found out about it two saturdays ago and by the second day, I placed my destiny in God under the mantle of this MOVE OF GOD, and since then, I have reaped all the benefits of this Glory Of Jesus which comes to meet us at each meeting and is also present in cyberspace in the chat room.

    This Glory of JEsus is now IN ME, always. I woke up sunday morning in the Glory.

    Friday, I did more things throughout my day, errands, cleaning, laundry, cooking, TWO meetings for the revival, and at midnight, I said WOW what a day. not tired. enjoyed it all. I have joy, peace of mind.

    this is MY personal testimony to you all.

    This revival is a move of our God.

    I love u all, see u in the chat.

  10. They said Jesus was beelzabub too!! Daniel fell on his face before the angel while he was having a vision, he was trembling. I watched a video from Brownsville of a girl who was being rocked by Holy Spirit, shaking and trembling. I did’nt understand, I asked the Lord for wisdom. The next night I was at a meeting, and as I started to pray in the spirit, my right hand started to tremble and before I knew it my whole body was shaking. I was saturated in His awesome annointing and presence. As a matter of fact, as I am witnessing of Jesus’ power and annointing it’s happening again! Praise the Lord!!!!!! Listen, whenever the Kingdom of God is preached Kingdom power is manifested. It’s found all over the entire bible. All the signs and wonders are in there. My wife an I just discovered the backing scriptures for the miracles of feathers and jem stones. Search, you will see them. The important thing is to seek first the kingdom of God. Seek and you will find. Father, let your fire fall!!! Let everyone who witnesses the things going on at Lakeland whether in person on video or by testimony on this site or others like, let Your glory fall on them right now in the name of Jesus. Amaze them that are seeking an encounter with You. Thank you Father.

  11. Rev.Ronan

    Jesus is coming soon. Look to Calvary and be sure that your faith is in Christ alone. The remnant is being called out of the apostacy that is the modern evangelical church…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Times of testing are here and will intensify. I pray that God strenghthen the hearts of the redeemed.

  12. Tammy

    I thought revival was all about repentance, Godly sorrow and deep confession…I havent read all of the replies, but has anyone walked away from one of Todd Bentley’s services with a deeper sense of who God is? Is anyone seeking to draw near to HIM or does everybody just want to satisfy their physical bodies. Mankinds problem is so much bigger than a physcial touch…mankind needs a spiritual touch!! This life will pass away but our spirits will live on in the eternal. Where are you hungry and starving woman or man or God?? Now, that is who I want hear from…

  13. Tammy,

    Revival means to “come alive again.” Revival often includes the definition you gave, but it isn’t limited to only that definition.

    Our bodies will also be eternal. Those of us who die before the second coming will recieve resurrected bodies those who are alive on the earth at His return will be transformed with glorified bodies.

    Jesus is and was the exact representation of the Father. Hebrews says “God spoke to us in Son” Jesus is the language of God. He clearly addressed both physical and spiritual needs. His heart was moved with compassion and He healed the sick. He saw their physical hunger and was moved with compassion and feed their bodies.

    What you propose is an either one or the other option. When Jesus clearly shows its a “both and”. Both spiritual hunger, repentance, confession, and physical needs met.

  14. Bentley is the embodiment of 2 Peter 2:1-3

    This kind of nonsense is nothing but stage hypnosis, and can be very spirituallly dangerous and stunting. I know all too many codependent people who FLOCK to this kind of spiritual abuse because they imagine a quick fix to their problems. And they remain codependent, going from one thrill to the next.

    Mark Haville has an excellent testimony of just how these things work on the masses.

    He used to do it too.

    From Faith in Faith to Faith in Christ

  15. All those who seek after a sign remember what Jesus said about those who seek signs. They are a wicked and perverse generation. Pray to be delivered from your fascination with what you can GET from Jesus your ‘vending machine’ or magic genie (that is how these people treat him) and repent of it.

    And also remember that the antichrist will ALSO work signs and wonders, and if you have not been delivered from your fascination with those things, he will deceive you also.

  16. Paula,

    It was a stage hypnotist or mass/group hypnosis that brought about Kelsey Hays’ healing. See my post on Kelsey. You might cure a mild psychosomatic illness with group hypnosis and cool music with positive thinking. But you won’t work this divine miracle.

    Todd is a bit offensive, yes. But the truth is most of us would have been offended by much of what Jesus said and did when he walked the earth for 33 years.

    I have spoken with many people who’ve been to Lakeland and they all report that they personally prayed for people and have seen multiple healing at Lakeland. It is not a “one man show.”

    There is no admonition in scripture against signs and wonders. There is clearly a Biblical precedent for signs and wonders. There are no scriptures that prove a “educationists’ point of view.”

    Yes, you speak truthfully the AC will also do signs and wonders. But TB is not the AC and again the scripture does tell us to test and examine. The greatest test is biblical fruit that remains.

    I have witnessed people who have gone come back with a greater love for Jesus. As I stated earlier people have also been healed and I personally can confirm one very severe case.

    Nobody I know who has gone to the revival has come back wearing Todd Bentley T-Shirts or toting the TB version of the Bible.

    Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that 1 Cor 1:7
    Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed…Paul and the early church all expected the gifts to be in operation until the return of Jesus. Earnestly desire the gifts…

  17. Could Todd Bentley be another Jim Jones? In the early stages of his ministry there are striking similarities between Bentley and Jones. In 1955, Jones was prayed for a Latter Rain Pentecostal Conference by O.L. Jaggers who pronounced that he had a very special prophetic calling on his life. Years later when he founded the People’s Temple, Jones used faith healing to draw the masses much in the same way Bentley has in Lakeland. It may be a little premature to say Bentley is treading the same course as Jones, but I think it is a possibility we must be aware of. After all no one ever thought Jones would go to the extent he did by getting 918 people to commit suicide through drinking kool-aid laced with cyanide. Bentley’s claims show that he is very dangerous spiritually as he has placed much emphasis on angels, third heaven experiences, and has claimed experiences where his spirit left his body which is known to New Agers as astral projection. Could Bentley be even more than just a spiritual danger? Could he be leading his followers down the same course that Jim Jones led the People’s Temple in 1978 to the greatest mass cult suicide in history? I am drawing the comparisons and revealing Bentley’s false teachings at

  18. ray stone

    All spirit and no human government and you have spiritual chaos. Human intervention into the move of the spirit and you have religion. It’s hard to find the medium, but we must find it. I believe that Lakeland is a geniune move of God, but without some correction-it will loose it credibility swiftly. For instance, no one should be delivering prophecy during the televised testimonies. If the vessel is off, there goes the whole shabang. Todd read a prophetic word from Alec that Jesus would appear and it didn’t happen. Once again, too many cooks spoil the broth. Rules and regulations must be established even as Paul had to do in the Corinth church. Let us heed. For a great read check out “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It’s a riveting autobiography about one pastor’s journey into the deliverance ministry.

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  20. Interesting. I was just searching on Google and happened to stumble across this post again. Since I first posted here, Todd Bentley has been discovered to:

    1. Have been cheating on his wife with an adulterous afair during the whole Lakeland revival.

    2. Has been divorced from his wife of many years.

    3. Has married the women he was committing adultery with.

    4. Has been disfellowshiped from the ministry he was originally leading by all the other elders.

    Truly, he has “put away his wife and married another”, which Jesus said is adultery (Mat. 5). Bentley is living in adultery, practicing sin. (see 1 Cor. 6:9-10, 1 John 3:3-9, etc.). He is now back in ministry, despite his wicked immorality and lack of repentance (proven by the fact that he continues in an adulterous relationship).

    Does a good tree produce bad fruit? I think Matthew 7:21-23 is EXTREMELY revelant here. “Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name and did many wonderful miracles!”

    We shall know a tree by its fruits. Beware of false prophets. Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. All this certainly applies to Bentley.

    And where’s the fruit of the “revival”? I read a report of a list of people that at first embraced the revival, but after a time discovered that they were demonized. You can do a search under “Andrew Strom”.

    All things will be brought out into the light. I discerned that the spirits operating behind Bentley were not of God. The fruit has been manifest and speaks louder than words.

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