Jackson County Advocate Reports on IHOPKC

IHOP-KC is a fast growing organization. I just didn’t realize how fast the Simeon Company was growing.  Steve Bunkoff director of the Simeon Internship showed me the front page of todays issue (not on the website yet)of the Jackson County Advocate…quickly reading the article I found an extremely interesting bit which was allegedly attributed the reporter to our own Gary Cooper…”Currently, IHOP-KC is raising funds to build its world headquarters. According to Gary Cooper, IHOP-KC’s current site at the former Terrace Lake shopping center will likely be used to expand its Simeon Company Internship.”

Simeon Compay Director, Steve B.Imagine Steve’s excitement the entire RedBridge facility will one day be the Simeon Company’s! The reporter was either prophetic or a bit sloppy with his note taking. Never the less Steve’s vision is expanding.



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2 responses to “Jackson County Advocate Reports on IHOPKC

  1. The reporter was BOTH prophetic and sloppy. However, that is not stopping me from staking out and claiming “territory” at the Missions Base.

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