How Old’s Your Bible?

chp_bible1.jpgA fellow blogger recently commented on the need to get a new Bible, because he wore his out in just 6 years. My favorite Bibles are those that are worn out and covered in duct tape. It got me to thinking how old is your Bible and is it the one you use. My old bible is a Thompson Chain Reference (NIV) I paid about $60 bucks for it back in 1985…I love this Bible. Although I am now breaking in a new NKJV that is smaller and fits into my back pack well…oh its also Large Print….my eyes aren’t suffering age yet I just found the Large is nicer.

The problem with a new Bible though is all of the highlighting of your favorite passages. So how old is your Bible?



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8 responses to “How Old’s Your Bible?

  1. Why don’t you amazing people leave comments?

  2. I still have my second bible (gave my first one away to a new christian youth that I thought would benefit from all my notes in it) this second bible is unlike any because it has hebrew and greek lexicon in it..missing all front pages up to genesis 3 (forget table of contents when some smart preacher says turn to Nahum and I can’t remember where it is….it would cost $75 to refurbish but I think its beyond that and a new one costs the same but like you…my precious notes are invaluable – my commentary can not be compared to the looks I get when I pull it out…LOL!

  3. oh and I have had it since 1989

  4. Post a Picture of it on your blog.

  5. Bruce

    I have an old Thompson Chain KJV I bought back in 1976. It is quite worn and old. Since that time I have switched translations, so have had to purchase new ones as the old ones wore out. But, I never got rid of any of the previous Bibles. They are so precious to me!

  6. Bruce and Nanci,

    You really should consider a “rebinding” I know it runs around 100 bucks but it is the best use of 100 bucks I can think of.

  7. James

    had read the Bible for the first time underground in the mine years ago.. I was placed on a boring job that I got good enough at, that Id be finished with nearly a full day to spare, so I read the Bible underground. My first had the odd finger print on a page, and what made it unique was that the edges of the pages everywhere I had read were black, from turning the page, you could look at the side of the book and see the parts I had missed. I gave that Bible away, to a guy I shared the gospel with, wish i still had it.

  8. 1979, from God, from Sandy.

    Wrapped In Duct Tape

    Holding together,

    The Owners Manual.

    Heart warm to the touch,

    So marked with underlines,

    Colored in Highlights.

    Paper and felt book marks protrude.

    Fattened by notes and Prayer lists.

    Inside the front cover,

    I wrote, words to live by, sayings.

    In side the back cover,

    The meaning of numbers,

    Still adding.

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