Walt Brown’s Hydro Plate Theory



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9 responses to “Walt Brown’s Hydro Plate Theory

  1. Douglass

    Ya that “theory” (lol) was so dumb it was debunk by another creationist (an old world Creationist by the name of Glenn Morton) who wrote in part (thats all it takes though, just part, because Walt’s “theory” was really that retarded)-

    Brown has a 10 km thick granite crust with a 1 km thick layer of water. The pressure is enough to raise a tube of water to 17 km (see Brown, pg. 37, Fountains of the Deep). Water squirting up out of the hole will rise to that level. What is the velocity of the water coming out of the crack? Ignoring friction, this can be found by equating the potential energy of the drops at 17 km to the kinetic energy at the surface needed to propel the water that high. Thus:

    gh = .5v^2


    h is the height of the water, 17 km

    v is the velocity

    g is the acceleration due to gravity, 9.8

    Solving for v, we have v = 577 meters /sec. According to the steam table cited below, there is a 814 times increase of volume in the phase change. The vapor occupies 814 times more volume.

    Now, According to Steam Tables (Combustion Engineering Inc., 1940), the pressure needed to keep water a liquid at 250º F, which is the temperature of Brown’s water, is 2.02 atmospheres.

    Consider a 1 square meter tube with 577 cubic m/s emanating from it. Due to the fact that 2.02 atmosphere is the weight of 20 meters of water, water coming up the crack will not change to steam until the final 20 meters. With the velocity of 577 meters per second coming out of the crack, this means that 577 cubic meters each second will occupy 814 times the volume that it used to. As a water surface passes the point at which it turns into vapor, it will, within one second, be pushed 577 x 814 = 469,779 m. This is a velocity of 469 kilometers per second. There would be no flood since none of the vapor would remain on the earth. The earth’s escape velocity is about 11 kilometers per second. Any object that exceeds 11 km per second leaves the earth and never returns. How could this theory cause a flood?

    In reality these numbers would be somewhat smaller due to frictional effects, but even if they are off by 99%, the steam escaping is still above escape velocity for the earth. The steam would be sent to Alpha Centauri!!”

    If you can’t tell right off the bat why this “theory” (doubt subby even knows what a theory is) fails outright in every other area it makes claim to, you need to pick up a physics, chemistry, and geology book.

    • PhoebeHB

      Glenn Reynolds is a past master at throwing around impressive-to-the-Talkorigins-crowd formulae that have nothing to do with anything. His silly 1940 Steam Table scenario is explained/debunked so many times in the book I gave up trying to list the pages to post here.
      You guys astound me. Have you no scientific curiosity at all? Do you not trust yourself to read anything that might change your mind? In a sane world this marvelous, incredible, mind-blowing book would be the text in every high school & college earth sciences class, and Dr. Brown would be the most celebrated scientist of the 2nd half of the 20th century.

      Re: Glenn Reynold’s little exercise in obfuscation:

      “Comets are literally out of this world. As the flood BEGAN [emph. mine. The pressure–thus the velocity–lessened very quickly as the rupture widened and became mixed with mineral debris] the extreme pressure in the interconnected subterranean chambers and the power of supercritical water exploding into the vacuum of space launched material that later merged to become about 50,000 comets, totaling less than 1% of the water in the chambers. (These numbers will be derived later.) This water was rich in heavy hydrogen.
      As subterranean water escaped, the chambers’ pillars were crushed and broken. Also, the 10-mile-high walls along the rupture were unstable, because granitic rock is not strong enough to support a cliff greater than 5 miles high. The bottom portions of the walls were crushed into large blocks which were swept up and launched by the fountains of the great deep. Carried up with the water were eroded dirt particles, pulverized organic matter (especially cellulose from preflood forests), and even bacteria.
      Droplets in this muddy mixture froze quickly in outer space. The expanding spheres of influence of the larger rocks captured more and more ice particles, which later merged gravitationally to form comets. Some comets and rocks soon hit the Moon and formed large basins. Those impacts produced lava flows and debris, which then caused secondary impacts. Water vapor condensed in the permanent shadows of the Moon’s polar craters.
      Hyperbolic comets never returned to the solar system. Near-parabolic comets now being detected are returning to the inner solar system for the first time. Comets with slower velocities received most of their orbital velocity from Earth’s orbital motion. They are short-period comets with elliptical, prograde orbits lying near the Earth’s orbital plane. Since the flood, many short-period comets have been pulled gravitationally into Jupiter’s family. Small comets are composed of material that escaped the earth with the least velocity. [For a more complete description of the hydroplate theory, see pages 108–140.]


  2. Douglass,

    You betray yourself with the little jabs and pokes. You also speak as though Walt is dead…He is actually alive and still working. If you have legitmate scientific feedback he will take in under consideration. He is a scientist and not simply an idealogue.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. alex

    are we on the playground? keep the snide remarks for your kkk meetings and let the true science prevail, “douglass”

  4. "kevin"

    Who cares about the ‘snide’ remarks? That is not the point of his comment. Doug was merely pointing out how absurd this theory is, and he also is completely correct! Take a look here, there is much more… http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/hydro.html

    • PhoebeHB

      Kevin, thanks a million for linking us to Joyce Arthur’s hilarious critique of a book she clearly hasn’t read and couldn’t begin to comprehend. (Her vocation, of course, is promoting the joys of killing babies. Darwinism is just a rather natural sideline interest.)

      Her piece confirms my estimate of the single-digit IQ of most evolutionists, which first suggested itself to me when I read the following side-splitter in a highly critical review of The Genesis Flood, towit:

      “The Bible says the waters rose above the highest mountain. The highest mountain is Everest, 29000 ft. At that altitude the occupants of the Ark could hardly have moved about, much less cared for thousands of animals.”
      (referenced in the preface to the 2nd edition of The Genesis Flood, Morris/Whitcomb)

      If you’d like me to point out to you a few of the almost-as-funny statements in that article (by both Arthur and scientist-wannabe Glenn Reynolds she quotes at length), all you have to do is ask.

  5. Snide remarks…betray a lack of respect in the market place of ideas. It also shows that the intent is to belittle not educate.

  6. Justin

    Everest wasnt 29000 feet when the Earth was created i think. If weathering can make mountains shrink, then imagine what all that rain and then flooding pushed down the mountains until the waters were gone. And also, people in those days mustve been much more healthier and stronger, they lived to be over hundreds of years!!! The world was such a better place…enviromentally i mean

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