Who Is Robert Stephanus?

 Robert Stephanus aka Robert Estienne? 

In the year 1227, a professor at the University of Paris named Stephen Langton added chapters to all of the books of the Bible. The in 1551, a printer named Robert Stephanus numbered the sentences in all the books of the New Testament. chp_bible1.jpgchp_bible1.jpgAccording to his son, the verse divisions that his father creasted do not do service to the sense of the text. Stephanus did not use any consistent method. While riding horseback from Paris to Lyons, he versified the entire New Testament within Langton’s chapter divisions.It was the year 1551 that changed how we look at scripture. chp_bible1.jpgchp_bible1.jpgchp_bible1.jpgOne of my Professor’s the Dr. Tom Mills at FSM was the first to teach me to meditate on the scriptures by typing out the text without chapter and verse. It is truly an amazing and different read to examine the word with these artificial manmade barriers removed. Familiar words and verses take on whole new meanings. Try it. I wish The Message Version was not the only one that removed the chapter and verse. It will revolutionize your study of the word.


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4 responses to “Who Is Robert Stephanus?

  1. A friend of mine is the DIRECT DESCENDANT of Robert Stephanus! His name is David Etienne.
    I am French and living in Southern Middle Tennessee and he is of French descent.
    We both met in a small town.
    I co wrote a book about numbers and the Bible (Bible and Numbers) so this is epic!
    David told me who his ancestor was after my book was published and after I had given him a copy.
    As a matter of fact, Gerard Colombat (who co wrote Bible and Numbers with me) and I discovered some verses “IN 9/11” in the Bible!!! (Verses 9-10-11) which we call “key verses”. This was my way to tell my friend that God indeed had inspired his ancestor!

    • Sorry, my friend, but Robert Stephanus’ verses, while well-intentioned, doesn’t follow any particular “rhyme or reason”. It is completely and absolutely random in nature.

      His work has helped many generations of Christians to more easily find parts of the Bible they are looking for, but it also has a negative side, in that it imposes a false “matrix” upon the Bible which actually makes the Bible harder to understand. The reader can only see individual “trees” (verses), rather than the “Big picture”. In fact, Stephanus’ system of verses, combined with the system of “chapters” passed down from previous generations, can only be described as false and misleading instead of truly helpful.

      I hope that you will realize that my purpose here is not to stigmatize Robert Stephanus. He was only trying to do good with the knowledge that he had, and it did accomplish some good, as I previously pointed out.

      But the Kingdom Bible Version, of which I am the translator and editor, shows the true format of the Bible, which is based upon the Golden Ratio principle, derived from the first 5 numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. These numbers have the characteristics of 1 (Unique), 2 (Complementary to 3), 3 (Complementary to 2), 5 (Opposite to 8), and 8 (Opposite to 5). Or, UCCOO.

      The Golden Ratio (Phi) can be derived from the Fibonacci Sequence; hence, my website is called phibible.org.

      A fuller explanation of this principle is found here:

      The Golden Ratio is found in many places in nature, including flowers, the human body, the solar system, the Table of Elements, and more. The Greeks discovered this principle many centuries ago, and since then it has been called “God’s Number”. This “Golden Ratio” is common to both nature and the Holy Bible. Only the Kingdom Bible Version shows this perfect pattern of UCCOO.

      I invite you to visit my website to explore this topic further, and learn about the one true format of the Bible, and how God embedded this pattern all through the Bible, on many different levels. God bless you.

  2. If you really want to see the Bible in its true format, you must see the Kingdom Bible Version, posted exclusively on the JHS Publishing website at http://www.phibible.org. The 7th Edition has not yet been fully released, but major portions have been released as photos that you can view for free.

    This is for real, and it is not a gimmick.

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