Meet Your Own Daemon…no matter how you spell it!

Golden Compass “Meet your Own Daemon” Test

There’s a neat feature on the official Golden Compass website that allows you to answer a few questions and be paired with your very own “daemon,” (pronounced [dee-muhn]).

According to the website:

In the magical world of the Golden Compass, every person has a life companion in the form of an animal called a “Daemon.” A Daemon is a cross between the soul and a best friend. The animal form it takes is a manifestation of the host’s true personality.
The Golden Compass

From the link, click Meet your Daemon to take the test. I am not sugesting you take the test or even visit the site. The link is simply to show you that its true and not an exageration: Link to the website 

Many have criticized the movie for its “anti-God” stance anti-faith, but how about its Pro demon stance. The idea that we should reject God and embrace a demon is far more insidious the simply the Anti-God attitude. Do not support this movie or the related products.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places…”



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3 responses to “Meet Your Own Daemon…no matter how you spell it!

  1. Ken

    Just yesterday I had a discussion with my daughter’s teacher about the class planning to read the first book. The response I received was both good and bad. There are actually going to be 4 books to choose from so my daughter wont have to read this one, but the first book was still going to be one of the 4.

    In my discussions with my daughter about this book, and how words like “crap” are used rampantly in school, I told her how even in these seemingly little ways, we can see how the Lord’s return is so close. I am thankful that she has the heart and has been brought up in the environment that she has. I even used the same scripture you mentioned here in our discussion. Ephesians 6 has been gripping my heart!

  2. Chris, thanks for bringing this out.
    We have wondered if all the video games and movies that so clearly show demonic beasts is just part of preparing an unsaved generation to be comfortable around these things.

  3. Katherine

    Just like we want our children to read the Bible and know God as their Savior, what about knowing his rival? If you censor what your children read, watch and play then you are basically hindering them. They have to know both sides before they can fight for the truth. I mean look at the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, each one teaches Morals both good and bad and yet we only see the bad. Do not ignore what is being said and taught, if you have taught your children right then you have nothing to worry about. I have two small boys and only censor things like Sin City, and scary movies that are clearly out to show the bad in this world, I will probably even have to censor the news for them someday with the way things are going.

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